Hey Jordan, looks like over 7 million other people love the game you weren’t too crazy about. Yeah, that’s right, Modern Warfare 2 became the greatest selling video game in one day. Tuesday’s numbers came in and it sold over 7 million copies worldwide, with 3.7 million copies being sold in the U.S., 1.2 million in the UK, 350,000 in France and Germany. But wait there’s more.

Not only did it sell 7 million copies in one day but it’s on pace to sell over 10 million copies in one week and become the all time greatest game in “week one sales” on a single platform (Xbox 360) with a projected number of 5.5 million copies sold in week one. That means it’ll beat the second place game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS 2), which sold close to 4 million copies in itss first week. For you Playstation 3 folks (ahem, Yuliya), that console sold over 3.3 million copies.

Below is a chart of Week One sales for all time games. (chart from VGChartz)

Are you surprised that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has become the all time highest video game sold? How many copies did you think were going to sell?

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DannyTruong said:

I also hate GTA too. I don’t see why a game based off of doing random violence is so popular. Its not a game that I can defend in an essay.

Me neither, but ATTACKING it is a whole different story ;)

I really wish they were as edit button here ………………..

The only online games will be FF 14 and 11, but FF 11 isn’t really popular or have the success of a regular Final Fantasy game. It doesn’t have the “SOUL” of FF, since it doesn’t involve the core team.

Actually FF12 did not have any of my favorite core team who were involved in all the Final Fantasy’s.

CO FOUNDER Nobuo Uematsu, The greatest composer on earth
FOUNDER Sakaguchi and story writer:
Main character developer and director: Tetsuya http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetsuya_Nomura
Director: Yoshinori Kitase: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoshinori_Kitase
Kazuhige Nojima, the scenario writer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kazushige_Nojima

NONE OF THESE people were involved!!! No wonder I hated it. BUT it still did well! Thats like So Nyeo Shi Dae with only Soyoung, Hyoyeon and Sunny.

AlexaNguyen said: So, if this game didn’t have any online features then it wouldn’t be as successful? That makes me think.. Will FFXIII have any online features? =\

Don’t lose faith so quickly Alexa. Final Fantasy has never been any less than a no.1 title the week/month that it was on sale. FF12 had no famous characters (I dont know anyone who collects Vaan figures , come on) but it still was a record breaker. People are loyal to that franchise. amd wo;; buy it. People are realy stupid and are in line for the game right now . How will they not eat or shower for the next month? People have died that way.

I also hate GTA too. I don’t see why a game based off of doing random violence is so popular. Its not a game that I can defend in an essay.

So, if this game didn’t have any online features then it wouldn’t be as successful? That makes me think.. Will FFXIII have any online features? =\

HAHA! Kashem, I like this game, i just don’t think it deserves all the praise it gets for “best game ever”. Marketing got a little to crazy. But still, there is no denying infinity ward did a awesome job. To be honest, I am glad this beat out GTA, I HATE Grand Theft Auto. With a passion. To me, that game series is like the Fall Out Boy of Pop Punk, or the Miley Cyrus of PSP’s(Alexa).

Mario Wii should be awesome( and only 30 bones!). Final Fantasy XIII is now going to rule because it will be on the 360.

^% U know guys, this is really funny. Back then it was the exact opposite. Shooters were almost universally accepted for the “hardcore” crowd, cause you needed a fast computer and always had the latest graphics card. NOW since the dawn of xbox/ps3 that is no longer a need anymore.

But but, Super Mario bros WII is out on the 15th
And the Final Fantasy XIII during its release should have no other competition. Due to the mass hype of this game, its sales should be close to the COD mw2.

I think you should get it Danny, this game is pretty epic.

My guess for why people want the Xbox 360 copies over PS3 is because the online community of Xbox is much better than that of PS3 :P
I don’t think Final Fantasy XIII will be quite as big, maybe top 10 worthy, but not first, simply because the same reason you said Alexa, it’s an RPG. But then again its been a while since a new FF game, and this one looks promising.

If I have enough to budget for Thanksgiving, and I believe I will due to having free food for 2 weeks + manager pay for Townhouse and my god bro coming over, I might get this game for the holiday.

Why were Xbox360 copies preferred over PS3 ones?.. I probably won’t get this. Don’t care much about the ‘all time highest video game sold’. :P
I think it sold well because it was controversial. And people wanted to see if this game really was better than COD4, so of course they had to buy it.

Can’t wait to see how many Final Fantasy XIII will sell.. But it’s an RPG..

This game might just be better than COD4 (which was good), could change my mind about being best game.

FFXIII should sell really well, but FPS are easy to pick up and play compared to complex RPGs, so I don’t know if my king of games will beat this!

Wow, Mario is barely in the top 10. Even Kanye can’t screw this one up.

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