I’ll say one thing. WoW is synonymous with MMO for one reason: Because it deserves it. World of Warcraft set the bar for basically every MMO to come out after it, because it was the first to come out with such awesome and new features that other games did not have before. I mean remember the older MMOs before WoW? All the concepts we might call “normal” today would not have been thought of if it wasn’t for WoW. A new MMO is most always compared to WoW to see if it is “good” or not, and the one thing that all the current MMOs have to deal with to stay on the market is to be able to come out with something better or different from WoW, something these companies are having a hard time with. This is the reason why WoW stays #1 since it came out in 2004.

Just looking at the screenshots of Perfect World, I already see a mimic layout of the same interface of World of Warcraft: Map in the top right, skills in the bottom left, chat on the bottom left, person on top left, and target in middle top. Although you can’t create a character to look similar to yourself like in Perfect World, World of Warcraft has the base of the original races of Warcraft, the races we all have come to know and love after years of Warcraft lore. Although the lore might not be something like Chinese mythology, it sure was made with pure creativity, and the success of something made up to the intenseness that WoW’s lore is can be proved with how much success it has.

Perfect World may have mounts, pets, and whatever, but I assure you WoW have it too. From flying brooms to Mini Diablos, to pandas to Reindeer, Blizzard has included huge amounts of little extras like this. I remember my goal as a player at one point was to own as many noncombat pets as I could. I had things like parrots, chickens, snakes, fireflies, and even halloween pumpkin monsters. There are also a ton of diverse mounts in World of Warcraft. Each race has their own default mount, but races can ride mounts of races too. Although a default mount might sound terrible, its not, because WoW goes as far to make different colors of each default race. There are even tons of findable mounts throughout the game too, such as from dungeons and bosses to completing quests for reputation.

WoW also has tons of emoticons, where you can type things in like /train and /lol to perform simple yet greatly animated actions. There is a huge list of emotes that can be found online, and many people have not heard of. WoW is also known for its awesome /dance emotes, and with each race having its own personal dance based off real dances, the awesome feats never ends. I personally love to go around typing /violin.

Although we do not have things like marriage, I find them trivial when it comes to games. The guild system is already a great enough concept for the social community, and its intricate yet thought out and simple-to-navigate design allows it to be a powerful tool in the society of WoW. We also have tons of crafting, with many different professions ranging from Jewelcrafting to Blacksmith, and different types too! The skills are allocated into gathering skills and production skills, and your combination can make a big difference for your character’s success.

The administrative society of WoW is not as bad as it might be labeled either. Ticket responses can be expected soon, and always in a personal way. The GMs actually speak to you 1-on-1 during your tickets, and they are actually real people! That’s right, it’s not automated responses to answers, bur rather GMs taking the time to talk to you, and willing to help you as much as you need. I remember when I got hacked, I lost a ton of my items, and the GMs worked with me for about a week straight whenever I asked for help, and my problem was resolved (Thanks to their ability to work their magic). Some GMs are even funny, and they might RP as they talk to you, introducing themselves in a way other than “Hello, How may I help you?“. These people are really nice employees, and deserve to be recognized as helpful, awesome, and amazing at the same time.

Having a huge player base isn’t such a bad thing, because World of Warcraft can manage it. That’s why it continues to be the #1 paid game for all this time. Not because it simply exists, but rather, because it deserves it. I’m sorry Yuliya, but WoW is definitely better than Perfect World.