I was sitting in my bedroom last night looking through my mountainous collection of video games when something hit me; I still have Too Human.

That game had so much promise, had been in development limbo for years, and when I finally heard they had a release date planned, I went that day and pre-ordered it. I was sorely disappointed as I put the disc in my Xbox360 and started playing. I digress, Fable 2 is guilty of that same crime.

We hear these developers make these crazy promises, tell us that they’re product is going to be fantastic, revolutionary, even change the way we look at games, but when we finally get the end result, it’s much like Leprechaun gold; we can see it sitting there at the end of the rainbow, but when we finally walk those miles, and reach to claim our prize, it disappears.

This monstrosity that they’ve created, this beastly creation with sharp and destructive teeth, needs to be put down, dismantled, and then melted in the scrap yard. The day when a developer actually delivers on the claims they make is the day that I declare this creature known as “The Hype Machine“, dead. I’m just hoping it’s one day soon.

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I hope the same doesn’t happen to Final Fantasy XIII.
But then, of course it wouldn’t! It’s Square Enix after all..

I personally think all the so called “hype” hurt them a little bit. The demand gets so high for these games, so they rush to finish and don’t get to properly finish them.

im not interested in this game

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