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We here in the United States are used to the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) to take care of all our parental needs when it comes to finding the right game for us. But in the United Kingdom, things are done a little differently. PEGI, or the Pan-European Game Information system, is the way the gaming review world is run.

During the latest part of its bill, different games that are exempt from being rated have been established. More »

So I figured I would start out this brawl by comparing both Donkey Kong and George’s assorted varieties of close range combat moves. More »

I’ve come to the conclusion that Thanksgiving is really not my cup of tea, not to mention, I’m Canadian, and while I live here in the states, I’m forced to have this “fantastic” meal not just once a year, but twice.

On my way to Canada for my sisters wedding reception, god felt my pain, and decided to grant my wish to be freed; he managed to allow my grandmother who has never crashed her car a single time in her entire life, to spin her car 2 times through an intersection, correct the car, hit a curb, and then destroy a rather large sign, spin around 2 more times, then finally come to a stop (we had only been driving ten minutes, and were going about 45-55 MPH). God works in mysterious ways yes?

Did I mention that I’m terrified of cars?

Moving on from the epic accident, I’m here to talk business. More »

From Rekuru:

Unfortunately, not all ninja games for the Nintendo DS are as good as monday’s Ninjatown. Like Tenchu: Dark Secret for example. Take everything you like about Tenchu. Got all that? Good. Now throw it all out the window. What’s left you ask? Tenchu: Dark Secret, perhaps one of the worst titles in the franchise’s history. More »

As possibly the most annoying guy in the world, I don’t understand how the Australian gaming community is still functioning. After seeing the huge success of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2 in the rest of the world, I can’t imagine how Australian gamers are responding. Michael Atkinson, an Australian Attorney-General, continues to be the blockade between Australia and COD4MW2. He truly and confidently believes on a ban against R18+ games. More »

OMG okay so this video is HILARIOUS. It’s a parody of New Moon, the new movie that came out November 20, 2009, from the Twilight series. But what makes it funny is how true it is and how epic of a job is done with the use of The Sims 3. Truly, The Sims 3 has such great features to allow players to create such concepts. The possibilities are endless. And so is my laughing. Check out the video here More »

Welcome back to another exciting installment of Games You’ve Probably Never Heard Of. This week (in honor of the release of Ninja Assassin) we take a look at some horrible ninja, assassin, and samurai games, from the world of Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. More »

Turkeys are awesome. They’re bigger, more aggressive, and weirder looking than chickens. And, contrary to popular belief, wild turkeys can fly (and domestic turkeys can too. Unless they’re fat. Seriously). What other animal do you know has a wattle and a snood?

But show this disgustingly awesome looking bird to anyone and all they can think of is stuffing it into the oven and their mouths (hopefully in that order). Thanksgiving has tainted our view of the turkey forever. Because of Thanksgiving, the chickens have gotten all the glory, in life and in video games. More »

With Natal releasing in November 2010 for $70 to $80 USD, we’re going to see some big changes not only in the way we control games, but also in the way Developers are making them. New technology means new issues, and new issues can sometimes mean a broken product depending on the severity. I guess the only thing we can hope for from Microsoft is that they don’t release Natal as half-baked as the Xbox 360 was (yes, I went there). More »

Ding! Ding! Ding! It’s time to introduce round two! Who will be next to enter the arena of the Fight Club

Two giant apes, Donkey Kong from The Donkey Kong series(and other various games), and George from the Rampage series. Both are versatile monsters in nature, and both of these furry beasts come from different worlds. More »

One thing the Wii Shop is known for is its selling of classic games. Several games of note just came out recently, a lot if which you will probably recognize.

Super Mario Kart just came out, selling at More »

You know, with cultures influencing many games, the Japanese and their Ninja influence is hardly an exception. Many popular video games that might not come straight to mind nowadays include some form of a ninja! Whether it be simple classic ninjas with their katana and shuriken draped in dark colors, or even a turtle with a staff, ninjas are almost everywhere. But the conception of the classic ninja has evolved into so many different kinds of ninjas, and today I am going to run through with you five major totally different games and the type of ninjas in each, and how close they are to the archetypal ninja. More »

Just recently, the Xbox 360 had an update that included many new features. However, one main side effect of this was the lock down of “unauthorized Memory units.” What this refers to is non-Microsoft made products/accessories. A company named Datel, known for making Xbox 360 memory units, has submitted a law suit against Microsoft for this, accusing Microsoft for having violated anti-trust laws. They believe that this move forces Xbox 360 owners to use More »

Although Alexa already mentioned this new piece of hardware, I again wanted to draw attention to something that is both a blessing and a curse to the world of gaming. has posted a gallery of them comparing the new Nintendo DSi XL to other portable devices. More »

From Rekuru:

Who could forget the 80’s? The clothes, the hair….the ninjas? You may not associate the 80’s with ninjas but upon closer inspection, you’ll find that this decade more than any other was THE period of ninja revival. Don’t believe me? Read on. More »

From Rekuru: Most of us know what a ninja is, or at least we think we do from growing up watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and old kung-fu movies. But how and where did they come from? Did someone roll out of bed and just decide to be a ninja one day? Did someone go to a school with classes like Shruiken Throwing 101? All jokes aside, many of us don’t know much about the origins of these shadowy spies and assassins. That’s where this article comes in. More »

(Image Source)

What’s the difference between a ninja and a samurai? A samurai’s main concern was honor: they would tell you exactly why they are killing you before they kill you. The ninja’s main concern was survival: the only sound you’d hear from a ninja would be the sound of a knife entering your back. The ninja is legendary. So many video games are based on this legendary black-clad assassin. Some are true to the ways of the ninja. Others are… well… utter failures as ninjas. More »

On Friday, November 20, Denise Kaigler, Vice President of Corporate Affairs for Nintendo of America has her last day. One of the more prominent figures of Nintendo in the United States, Kaigler had a major impact when it comes to publicity. She is one of the main spokespeople for Nintendo of America, and started with her first major appearance at E3 ‘08 to play the Wii More »

From Rekuru:

Women aren’t the first thing you think of when someone says ninja. More often than not, your mind jumps to men with dirty glares in black outfits. What you may or may not know, is that women played an integral role in ninja clans of the past. More »

This Christmas, get grandma and grandpa what they really want - a Wii. More »

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