Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Batman, oh my! Travelers Tales has LEGO-ed some of our most beloved franchises. The team based gameplay, challenging puzzles, and 4 player co-op has captured the hearts of both casual and hardcore gamers alike. Never before has slaying Stormtroopers and looting crystal skulls been so much fun. With plenty of franchises to choose from it looks like TT will be busy giving our favorite characters yellow heads for a long time. In a perfect world these would be the next franchises to get a LEGO makeover.

LEGO Lord of the Rings
Lord of the Rings has everything a LEGO game needs: lore, colorful and plentiful environments, charming characters and evil baddies, and an epic storyline with the possibility of sequels. The ability to play as Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, Mages, Orcs, and Walking Tree People will spice up the gameplay enough to make the experience a fresh and exciting installment to the LEGO series.

LEGO Kart Racer
I don’t think a clear franchise tie is necessary with this title, but one could easily be made with any arcade racer like Need For Speed or Burnout. The idea is to be able to customize your ride with parts that alter its performance. After you win a set amount of races you’ll gain LEGO blocks that you can put towards an upgraded exhaust, nitrous, weapons, or aesthetic features like wings and side skirts. This will allow the player to have completely control over their ride’s appearance, performance, and battle style. TT hasn’t ventured into the racing market yet, but with the recent release of LEGO Rock Band it is clear that they are willing to diverge from their franchise formula.

LEGO Ghostbusters
Hilarious cast of characters: check. Awesome weapons/gadgets: check. Best theme song ever written: check. Honestly can you think of a cooler weapon than a Proton pack? Well, yeah, of course lightsabers, but they already did that, so no you can’t. With the third Ghostbusters installment slated for a 2012 release the timing has never been more perfect for this project to get green lit.

LEGO Call of Duty
Long ago scientists discovered that if you mix any sort of entertainment with Nazi Germany the end result is a bucket of money. Since then the entertainment industry has followed this ancient recipe for cash to bolster their wallets. All kidding aside, sniping a LEGO head and watching it blow up into bits of blue and red blocks would be the greatest thing man has ever witnessed. While this is the most unlikely contender on the list, it is also the one that could churn out the most cash if done correctly.

LEGO Batman was great, but there wasn’t enough variety in weapons amongst most of the playable characters. Mutants on the other hand feature a wide array of super powers, each drastically different. Cyclops has his laser eyes, Storm controls the weather, Gambit throws exploding cards, and lets not forget Wolverine’s Adamantium claws. The villains are equally destructive, Sentinels tower over the good guys, Magneto controls metal, and Toad with his protractible tongue.

LEGO Toy Story
You’re on a mission to save Buzz, a toy that accidentally falls out the window during an argument. Along the way you’ll run into obstacles that you’ll need the help of your fellow toys in order to accomplish. Army men will scout the parameter to insure you escape the house undetected, Slinky Dog acts as your ladder when you need to get to places out of reach, and you’re good friend Etch-A-Sketch will act as your on screen map. The possibilities are endless when your friends are a bunch of toys! Hands down Toy Story would make the best transition into LEGO land.

LEGO Narnia
I think TT misstep when they decided to develop the film tie-in for The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Instead, I think they should have pushed for Narnia to be their next LEGO installment. Think of how much potential the world of Narnia has as a LEGO game: it has swords, sorcery, mythical creatures, and talking animals, all based on a series of novels that are favorites of both adults and children.

All in all I have been pleasantly surprised with the quality of Traveler’s Tales LEGO adaptions and am looking forward to their rendition of Harry Potter in 2010. Hopefully in the future I’ll be lucky enough to play one of the proposed adaptions I’ve listed above. What is your dream LEGO game? How would it play and what would make it stand out?

Also, while writing this article I stumbled upon this amazing collection of LEGO movie posters that you just have to check out!

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X men legos! Call of duty! Neat. Now we need some final fantasy ones, that would be neat too.

This just brought back so many memories.

Yes! Lego X-men game.. :D

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