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From Ningin: In war, it’s often the victors that gets to write the narrative. Since I was captain of the Mixr Users team, history is how I see it. What I saw was…total domination by Mixr Users!! From the beginning, it never seemed like Mixr Bloggers had much of a chance, but people expected a much closer battle instead of the 7-2 final outcome. One of those points on the Mixr Blogger team, by the way, came from a Mixr User not playing. Let’s get to the breakdowns: More »

Oh. My. God. I don’t even know if i need words for this. Their first foray into videogame mash ups, The Ocarina of Rhyme, got Team Teamwork(the masterminds behind the project) quite a bit of attention from the internet. Combining popular Hip Hop and Rap artists with music found in Ocarina of Time created such a weird vibe that actually, in some songs, worked.

Now they are back at it again, but this time tackling a whole different fan favorite: Final Fantasy VII. More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: Iron Man 2 Trailer Shows Potential For A Good Videogame That Won’t Actually Be Made Should Gamers Get Excited About Apple’s iPad? Yes!

via Ziggytek: Top 5 Worst Celebrity Technology Endorsements Alienware 3D Monitors!

via HTCYou: HTC Bravo: Coming to T-Mobile?

via Ningin: BoA Japan Billboard performance: Is this Mic on? Bong Joon Ho’s Mother out in theaters this March

via Rekuru: Japan Travel Guide: Hiroshima and Nagasaki

via Flaunt Me: Pro Tips: By Pencil Me In Cosmetics

via GirlyBubble: 5 tips to help you not overspend when shopping

via BlitzNation: Q & A With Jerry Azumah

via CrazySingleLife: Dear Mr. Right, From Magnolia More »

While playing through the game, It didn’t seem like there were many side quests. More »

I sat in my living room, reading a book and cautiously peeking at the end of my drive way hoping that the Fedex truck would come around the corner and bring me awesome in a box. Sure the shipment came a little late, but it still came.

30 hours later, after 1 sit down, I had beaten Mass Effect 2. More »

With the release of the Iron Man 2 trailer, Marvel and Paramount want to show us that Tony Stark is not only going to kick the crap out of the big screen again, but also that maybe this time Iron Man will grace video games the right way. More »

By now we’ve all heard what the analysts and game developers think about the iPad, but what about the gamers? How do are we feel about the new tablet? We are thrilled, or at least should be. Since forever clever gamers have been taking apart their coveted consoles and resembling them into more compact shells so they can take their gaming on the road without suffering the drawbacks and limitations that come along with a portable gaming system. Most of the time these contraptions become pieces of fanboy high art, being much too bulky for logical usage. With the iPad, Apple has simplified our vision and gathered support from many developers. More »

From Ningin: Ra-ra-ah-ah, roma-roma-ma, Gaga-ooh-lala..want your Daily Mixr!

via Wirebot: Rockstar Brings Previously “Exclusive” DLC to PS3 and PC Seven Possible Bayonetta Spin-offs

via Ziggytek: Actual Costs of Popular Gadgets: Part 2 Google’s Chinese Sister

via HTCYou: Attack of the Android Tablets!

via Ningin: Drama Review: MR. BRAIN Taiwan enters the Giant Robot Statue Cold War

via Rekuru: A Rekuru Review of Kurosawa’s Dreams

via Flaunt Me: Lost Beauty Survival Kit - Kate Austen

via GirlyBubble: Candy Inspired Accessories

via BlitzNation: Smith Headed to Cleveland?

via SwanDiary: Robert Pattinson, from vampire to cartoon character?

via CrazySingleLife: Introduction to Magnolia More »

If you have been following my impressions you already know how infatuated I am with Platinum Games newest IP, Bayonetta. As a rabid fan with an insatiable thirst for more sassy English witches with tons of guns I have came up with some spin-off and merchandise ideas that would keep me happy until the second installment gets announced. More »

Did you buy a 360 just so you could buy Episodes from Liberty City, the standalone DLC for Grand Theft Auto IV? I doubt it - you probably bought it for a host of other reasons, like Halo 3, Bayonetta, the fact that you’re fanatically loyal to the 360 for some reason beyond my ken to comprehend, or something. But if you bought it purely because of The Lost and the Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, well, listen to this. Turns out Rockstar are going to be bringing their previously ‘exclusive’ DLC games to the PS3 and the PC on the 30th of March, 2010. More »

Army of Two, as the name suggests, has two main characters - Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios. The two start out in the army, but soon end up as mercenaries in a private military sector. The two might wear masks most of the game, but they are definitely not faceless. They have distinct personalities and their banter makes the game more enjoyable. They go through a lot together, and learn to trust and depend on each other in tough situations.

And it is this aspect of Army of Two that makes it an awesome local co-op game. Even if you are playing alone, you will be paired up with an AI partner (after all, they’re SALEM AND RIOS. You can’t have one and not the other). More »

From Ningin: The Daily Mixr, not stirred.

via Wirebot: Confessions of a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Addict Think of the Children! Analyzing R18+ and Australia

via Ziggytek: Top 5 Reasons Why the iPad Will Be a Bust EPIC FAIL FRIDAYS: Top 5 Apple Failures

via HTCYou: HTC myTouch2, myTouch Slide Photos Emerge

via Ningin: Hatsune Miku urges you to recycle those cell phones! Video of the day: Dia is the next Park Bom of 2NE1?

via Rekuru: Bran-new Lovesong: Last Life in the Universe

via Flaunt Me: Ulta to Launch Bargain Beauty Line, Essence

via GirlyBubble: The Art of Foam is a Latte Fun

via BlitzNation: Looking Back at Warner’s Legacy

via SwanDiary: Vampire Diaries Episode 12 - Unpleasantville Reactions More »

From Ningin: Mixr League Gaming fans, are you ready? Tomorrow marks the start of yet another one-day MLG match pitting Mixr bloggers vs. Mixr users. Looking at the official roster, only one thing is certain: Competition is going to be fierce. More »

I’m a big Gran Turismo fan. I have played them from their beginning and to be honest in the world of racing, no game is more expansive, customizable, or realistic in terms of physics and car control. At least in my opinion there isn’t a more extensive racing game. Gran Turismo 5 hasn’t had a release date set for it but we can probably expect to see it some time this year. So what is the difference in Gran Turismo 4 and Gran Turismo 5? The short answer, about 250 cars. More »

I decided I would finally take a fall into the World of Warcraft. All my friends play it, everyone I know plays it, hell I am even convinced that most of you play it. I developed the “if you can’t beat em, join em,” attitude and took the plunge into the world of Dwarves and Blood Elves. After my extensive overview and tinkering around with different characters and skill sets I have come to one staggering conclusion about the game itself. More »

Since my introduction to Vigrid, the fictional European world Bayonetta thrives in, I’ve had to make some adjustments to my life. Now before playing I must take a daily dose of seizure medication, wear a wrist splint, and apply Neosporin to my analog burned thumbs. Some would say, “No game is worth all of that! Stop playing it already!” But I disagree, any game that keeps you playing even though it may very well be killing you is the mark of a great game! More »

Log. Day 5.

So I finally gave in and joined a party. The fights in the Dragonica mission maps were getting a little tough to handle. Raccoons with plungers on their heads I can handle. Crazy armored wolves I can deal with. But giant pigs in tiger print pants with huge axes? No thank you! This little thief had to go get some help. And man am I glad I did! Turns out that for being in a party has lots of perks. Apparently having different classes in a party gives the entire party boosts. I, for example, give the party agility (of course! You have to be nimble to be a good thief, you know). Another plus to being in a party is that the longer I was in one, the more points I received… points that I later traded in for more experience. Nice, right? More »

Hello, my name is Bill and I am a Call of Duty addict. They say admitting is is the first step right? Well here it goes then. I play COD so much that it has become ingrained in my daily routine. Sometimes I skip meals to play, sometimes I skip sleep to play, and sometimes I play even when I don’t really want to. It has engulfed my life in a way that not many games do. With that all out on the table I’m going to share with you all some confessions of mine: little quirks or habits I’ve picked up through my relationship with Call of Duty. More »

Popcorn and the movies. Television without commercials. Yoo-Hoo and a glazed donut. Some things in life are just perfect for each other. Video games and music are one of those things. While gamers are unable to control the requirement to earn that last gold trophy/achievement, they are able to control what pumps through their speakers while doing so with custom in-game soundtracks. To help change up that stale rotation of old-time favorites, the Wirebot bloggers will be providing a suggested playlist every Friday. Our recommendations this week include songs from: BOA, 2PM, MC Frontalot and a few others. More »

I’m installing Mass Effect 2 as I type this out (which thanks to checking delays will mean I will have been playing for about two days, but that’s besides the point), but that’s not really what I want to talk about right now. To be frank, the rest of the Wirebot staff can go on and on about their impressions of the game or the hype or whatever. I mean, sure, I’ll be submitting my review later, but… look, I’m getting side-tracked. What I’m saying is, something awesome happened when I went to pick up my copy of the game at my local EB.

I got carded. More »

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