The Syfy channel in partnership with Trion games are gearing up to launch a MMO and TV series in tandem. The experiment in imaginative media is titled One Earth. Little is known of One Earth’s story, but a shareholders report recently uncovered some fascinating details on convergence of the two mediums.

With the financial back of NBC, the parent company of Syfy, Trion games were granted the resources needed to pull off the intractability between both the MMO and TV show. The aim of the project is to get MMO gamers involved in the show and the TV viewers to become active in the MMO community. The biggest hurdle Trion games faces is keeping the experience dynamic, so that the events that happen in the online world affect the world within the television series and visa versa. Both the TV show and MMO were developed collaboratively to ensure that the dynamic element shines in all its brilliance.

One Earth’s budget was fueled by NBC’s Peacock Equity fund, a pool of resources that “invests in digital media companies in the venture capital space.” A fund that allowed Trion to use its specialized technology that allows the MMO to live on a server instead of on the users hard drive, making it more accessible to a wider range of gamers. Stay tuned for more information on One Earth in the near future.

How revolutionary will One Earth be? Will you subscribe to both MMO and TV show?

Source: GE reports