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Are you ready for Dragon Quest IX? We’re still a little ways off from its July release date, but until then check out this extremely cute Slime speaker stand. More »

From Ziggytek: Borderlands is a game that demands a pretty powerful PC and the abilities of the Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 to run properly. However, OnLive shows what its cloud gaming service is capable of when it demoed the game running on Apple’s modestly spec’d iPad. More »

From Htcyou: Last month as part of the Memorable May special, we launched a giveaway of an Organic Cotton Android Walking the Dog T-shirt. That giveaway has since and now it’s time to announce the winner. Drum roll, please! More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: Impressions: The Reading Game Gamer Frustration: Red Dead Redemption’s Sandbox Multiplayer is too Open

via Ziggytek: Samsung Galaxy Tab: 7-Inch Android OS Slate Lucky 13: 5th Graders Receive Free iPads

via HTCYou: Memorable May with HTCYou: Android T-shirt giveaway winner

via Ningin: Wonder Girls / 2PM Decathlon: Day 6 Wonder Girls / 2PM Decathlon: Day 5 Results

via BlitzNation: O.J. Atogwe Hits the Open Market

via FlauntMe: Tarte Cosmetics: Natural Lip Stains

via GirlyBubble: Memorable May with GirlyBubble: Slice of Cake Charm & Pearl Crystal Gold Bracelet Giveaway winner

via OMGHaute: Memorable May with OMGHaute: Vogue subscription giveaway winner

via SwanDiary: True Blood season 3 extended trailer!

via CrazySingleLife: Too busy for online dating? Try an online dating assistant. More »

I really wish I lived in Los Angeles, San Diego or Indianapolis, because there’s an incredibly nifty concert going to stop by there– Video Games Live: Bonus Round, a video game concert!! More »

“Boom! Rat a tat tat!” were the first sounds I heard when I jumped into Red Dead Redemption’s multiplayer for the first time. I was expecting to pair up with a few other gunslingers and cooperatively take down a bandit hideout, but was greeted with higher ranked gamers with a hatred of noobs. I died 17 times that day before I quit my session. More »

Do you love unlocking Xbox achievements? How about trophies for Playstation 3? Well then you’re going to get a kick out of The Reading Game. More »

From Ningin: The European publisher of BlazBlue, Zen United, released a YouTube video showcasing awesome graffiti work by Limited Press and cool music by DJ Chamber. More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: Final Fantasy VII HD Would Take 40 Years to Make, says Original Director Final Fantasy VII/ Chrono Trigger Scribe Claims Nintendo’s Reign is Over

via Ziggytek: Guess This Gadget: Skull MP3-Player Belt Buckle Apple Has Sold 2 Million iPads, Is Expected to Ship 8 Million

via HTCYou: Acer Liquid E Ferrari Edition: Android 2.1 Smartphone

via Ningin: Weekly Twitter Giveaway 6/01: Wonder Girls 2 Different Tears poster Wonder Girls / 2PM Decathlon: Day 5

via Rekuru: Music video of the Week: Hilcrhyme’s Loose Leaf

via BlitzNation: The Way-Too-Early 2010 NFL Power Rankings: June 2

via FlauntMe: Oribe Gold Pomade

via GirlyBubble: Tokidoki Me! Purikura style photo editor helps you win tokidoki sweepstakes

via OMGHaute: Cute Rocket Dog Flats More »

More footage has been released for the US version of the anticipated JRPG, Arc Rise Fantasia, featuring a nifty summon spell! More »

As E3 approaches, Japan gets ready to release three new bold colors for the DSi XL. On top of the new color additions, we’re told Japan is also lowering the price of the DSi XL from ¥20,000 (USD $220) to ¥18,000 (USD $195). One can only hope that the Western hemisphere eventually gets some of these perks. More »

The writer responsible for crafting some of the best stories in video game history (Final Fantasy VII and Chrono Trigger), Masato Kato, sent out a tweet yesterday claiming, “With the iPad going on sale, the age of Nintendo is over.” I don’t know what these ex-Square employees have been drinking lately, but whatever it is, the major side effect seems to be spewing nonsense. More »

Engadget is reporting that a “very reliable” source has revealed that Hulu will be making its way to the Xbox 360. With Netflix,, Facebook, Twitter, and now Hulu the Xbox 360 seems to be the console to own for all your social and entertainment needs. Who needs cable anymore? Seriously. More »

I still have memories of playing Earthworm Jim on my Super Nintendo as a kid, so I am THRILLED to see one of my old favorites hit Xbox Live Arcade, and in HD no less. As given away by the Xbox achievement list, and now confirmed at Eight Circuit, Earthworm Jim will also be playable in multiplayer co-op. More »

Twistdock is preparing to launch in the US around the time of E3, and looks like the perfect accessory for any PS3 owner. I admit I’d be a little nervous setting my electronics on a rotating platform, but those who use their PS3 often might find this to be the greatest thing ever made. If anything, it’s certainly an interesting way of displaying a console. More »

A welcome announcement on a PS3 sequel that we weren’t sure was going to come back this year has been revealed early by Portugal’s Official Playstation magazine. To catch the foreign teaser for inFamous 2 make the jump. More »

From Ziggytek: The mid-range Fermi graphics card GTX 465 that was benchmarked a few weeks ago is official. At $279 for the GTX 465 ($70 less than the GTX 470), NVIDIA puts Fermi into the hands of more PC gamers. More »

Now might be the time to stop holding your breath for a Final Fantasy VII remake. Yoshinori Kitase, the director behind Final Fantasy VII has stated that a HD reboot would take 10 times longer to produce than Final Fantasy XIII. More »

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