As of March, 2010 Doodle Jump has sold over 3 million copies on Apple’s mobile devices. But with over 200,000 other Apps begging for attention, how does one simple little game hit the charts and stay there for almost 2 years? We think we know why. Keep reading to find out.

There is really only a couple things people want from their mobile gaming experience. One of them is the ability to jump into the action of a game quickly, play for a short period of time, and feel satisfied. Doodle Jump does every one of these things. There are no cumbersome menus or unnecessary game modes to navigate through. You simply boot it up, swipe the level you want to play, and you’re instantly in the world of moving platforms and colorful aliens.

The best thing is that each round takes anywhere between 30 seconds to well how ever long you can keep that little creature hopping. There’s no stressing over save points or whether or not you’ll have enough time to finish a level. When your doctor finally manages to see you or when your boss makes his latest round through the cubicle maze you can quickly exit out without fear.

The second thing that has kept Doodle Jump hopping along the charts is its constant updates. People appreciate new levels, weapons, characters, and whatever else you can throw at us for free. Even if it is only 1 level at a time. Doodle Jump didn’t originally come with as many maps as it now has, they were released whenever the developers felt we needed something new. Chillingo’s Angry Birds is another developer that practices this business model and has sat loftily at the #1 position for quite some time now because of it.

It’s not that hard developers. We don’t need the most flashiest graphics or every single multiplayer mode included in every game. Sure, there are some games that benefit from those features, but sometimes a fine tuned experience with a ton of polish and frequent mini-updates is far more appreciated than a co-op mode rushed in only to bolster the Apps’ features list.

Know the gamers and you’ll know the top of the charts.

Doodle Jump is available for the iPod Touch and iPhone for .99