5 photos of Pokemon updates on Facebook have been released causing much laughter around the world. Don’t worry Clefairy, you can Minimize (one of Clefairy’s moves) if you really want to. The updates include Professor Oak, Ash Ketchum, Misty, Jessie and two lovable Pokemon’s called Gyarados and Bulbasaur. Check them out below.

This photo shows Prof. Oak and Ash having an average conversation except Prof. does not know who Ash is.

This photo shows a Facebook update from Misty informing people that bikini season is close but poor Clefairy can not do what others can. But youngsters beware, it is a sexual reference.

Team Rocket are back but Meowth seems to have grown out of the Team Rocket chant.

This one is my favourite. Gyarados is trying to show off his new evolution but others are not buying this ‘Magikrap’.

Professor Oak makes another appearance, this time with Bulbasaur and his at it again with his gender confusion problem!


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Sunxiahine - 08/22/10 2:55 am

Haha, I love the Jesse and James one ^o^
oh and the “(Pokemon) Snap!” made me giggle, I love that game <3

Yeah, that one really made me LOL! XD

Lol, these are too funny! Poor Gyarados! It’s ok, I feel your pain! raspberry

LOL these are hilarious!

Lol, these are so funny! Thanks for sharing smile

Nyahahahahahahhaha~~ I like the professor Oak conversation XD

lol.. prof oak can’t differentiate the gender~ haha.. thanks for sharing this~

oh my, i have so much fun reading it. ahaha. totally hilarious!
thanks for sharing!

LOL LOL LOL this is HILARIOUS! XDDD thanks for sharing~

wahahahaha. gyarados’ is my favorite.XD omg. i want more!!!

thanks for sharing!:))

UHAUAHU Funny!! I love it~~ thank you so much XD

LOL lmao omg XD These all are so funnny xd

omg LOL

Haha, I love the Jesse and James one ^o^
oh and the “(Pokemon) Snap!” made me giggle, I love that game <3

The first one made me facepalm a little but the rest LOLOLOLOL
rofl at poliwag so much.

Haha these are hilarious!
Thanks for sharing!

LMFAO! I love this! Especially the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ones :D

LMAOOO this is hilarious! thanks for sharing!

The pictures are out of order, but this is really funny. XD

Thanks for sharing! smile

love. professor. oak.

my quotes don’t seem to belong to the right pictures T___T
sorry for that guys
I’m still loving the Gyarados one (:

LOL! thanks for sharing! :D

LOL! Haha. Poor Gyarados and Ash. XD

Thanks for sharing! smile

HAHA LOL. Interesting, thanks for sharing! (:


Haha, LOL!
I love facebook statuses, esp ones of Harry Potter and Edward Cullen. xD

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