That’s right, this Neptune cosplay costume will drain you of $1,172 (¥98,650) should you wish to purchase it. The costume is worn by the character Neptune (Purple Heart), who is voiced by Rie Tanaka, from the Neptune video game which was released on July 29th.

Neptune, developed by Compile Heart for the PlayStation 3 platform, consists of goddesses that represent gaming consoles who fight the malicious “Majekonnu”, a Japanese word derived from the R4 carts.

Rie Tanaka even has her own trading cards, on top of having her voice in Phantasy Star Portable and Shin Megami Tensei: Portable 3.

I think the costume has nice details in its design, but then again, for that kind of price I would expect quite a lot from it. Personally, it doesn’t really tickle my fancy, but I’m sure there are plenty of keen buyers (with money!) out there. Do you reckon that this costume is worth the dollars you have to shell out for it, or would you rather make your own costume?