My favorite games are the ones that make me think. I value strategy in a game above action. An arcade game can be full of non-stop explosions, but if all you are doing is pressing a single button really fast the experience becomes monotonous. That is why I am enjoying Arriving HD for the iPad so much, because I really have to think, so hard sometimes that my head hurt afterwards.

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Arriving HD is a physics based puzzle game that has players using gravity and line drawings to solve puzzles. The goal is to roll a dinosaur egg around disjointed platforms to collect crystals. How you solve each puzzle is completely up to you. There is nothing holding you back except your own imagination. There are an infinite amount of ways to solve each puzzle making for a unique experience each and every time you play.

Sounds like tons of fun, right? Wrong. Remember how I said earlier how I enjoy games that made me think? Well, forget that, I never want to think again in my life after wrapping my head around these mind benders. My eyes got blurry, I was pull out my hair, and I think I popped a blood vessel in my brain because my nose started to bleed. Alright, so maybe I am exaggerating a little bit, but man are these puzzles tough to solve.

Because you have the freedom to solve the puzzles through whichever means possible you are going to have to try just about every way you can imagine before you execute one that works. The line drawing and shape creation works well, I never had any problems displaying on screen what I imagined in my mind, it is just that the puzzles are difficult and unforgiving. I easily tried 100+ times to complete a puzzle when I had to drop a self drawn boulder onto a seesaw to catapult the egg to an elevated platform. The hard part on this puzzle wasn’t figuring out how to solve it, that was easy for once, but rather when I dropped my boulder and to which size and weight it needed to be to get the right trajectory.

Arriving HD makes excellent use of the iPad touch screen and physics gameplay. The concept behind the game is brilliant, it gives players complete control over the environment and allows them to get creative and use their imaginations to solve puzzles. There is a thin line between difficult and impossible though which the game crosses frequently. There is a lot of fun to be had here, but you have to be willing to work hard to find it.

Check out Arriving HD in the App Store here.

For fans of: Angry Birds HD, Enigmo 2, Line Rider

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the graphics look really fun :]
thanks for the helpful review ^^

physics? oh no haha

This looks like a really cool and cute game!^^ XD

Seems a cute and a lot difficult game! but I really like it! ~~

this game is really fun!
thanks for sharing!

Nice game!
Thanks for the review

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