Japan’s beloved robot cat, Doraemon, has himself an iDevice game called Doraemon Fishing. Although nothing about this game specifies that it’s an official Doraemon game, it was created with Doraemon’s 20th Anniversary in mind. 20 great years of Doraemon! So does this game do Doraemon any justice?

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Doraemon in Doraemon Fishing looks just like a Doraemon should — super, super cute. In fact, the entire game is cute. The game setting is an aquarium in a room that Doraemon is sitting in front of, holding a fishing pole. The objective of the game is super easy — catch aquarium animals and avoid the shark and non-aquarium items such as the submarine and boot. Catching the shark will end the game and catching the submarine will reset your score back to zero. Otherwise, catching things like octopus, puffer fish, seahorses, etc. will earn you points. The game is as simple as that.

To play, you need only tilt your iDevice to control where you’d like Doraemon’s fishing pole to go, and touch where you’d like to drop the line. Super easy, stuff. Although, the instructions aren’t spelled out in the game. It took me a good 5-10 minutes to figure out what I was doing. One improvement for this game would be to add an area for instructions.

That’s all there is to the game really. There are no extra levels to the game, either. The game is purely casual and lacks a lot of depth. I could only recommend it to people who are looking for a super mindless game to play or casual gamers that don’t care much about depth. Or, if you’re a big Doraemon fan. Otherwise, this game will bore you.

For more information or to purchase, head here.

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I love doraemon haha~~
I want to play it ~~ soo adorable~~
Thank you very much for sharing ^_^

doraemon!!! lol. thanks for letting me know he’s a robot cat, always wondered what he was. ^^

i love doraemon xD
thanks for the review

OMG!! cute!! xD

haha doraemon!! hmm a fishing game would get boring fast. i personally would pass on this game
thanks for the review!!

LOL,.doraemon!,. I wonder where’s Nobita XDDD cool!!

..so cute..
.. i like doraemon..haha

this is so cute!
i would love to play this…
but it is just about fishing?

are you for reals?! omg doraemon!

my friend would LOVE this game since she’s a big doraemon fan. i should try it out once i get my itouch smile

this reminds me of the doraemon mask that my japanese teach owns x]

haha awww so cute ^^ i love doraemon :DD

looks like a cute game xD
thanks for sharing!

oh I love doraemon so much I don’t even mind the 6.0 rating XD
sadly I don’t own an iphone/ipod touch…

omg doraemon!! I used to watch that when I was little!!
cute!! thanks for the review!!

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