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Publishing company Feral Interactive have just recently announced that they will be planning to release a Game of the Year Edition of Gearbox Software’s Borderlands for the Mac soon, December 3rd to be exact. More »

Blizzard Entertainment has recently increased its office space by 100,000 square feet (that’s a 40% increase) after acquiring two new buildings near its current headquarters. What? Did you think they were making World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo in a worn down shack? More »

Just in time for the holidays, Nintendo will be rolling out game demos across a range of 23 malls across the country from November 22nd to December 19th 2010. Hopefully these game demos will help you to find out whether you want to buy a game or not and hopefully you will not end up spending all day on them… More »

From Finalfantasy14players: Today, the good folks at Square Enix were kind enough to send me half a dozen GMs as my personal tour guide into the higher level parts of the game. Places where very few have gone and even fewer have made it back alive. That’s a bit dramatic isn’t it? Well, it doesn’t matter because I had a blast! Even though a lot of people haven’t reach a point where they can access the hard areas, Square wanted to show people that it does exist and it’s quite fun. They’ll be lowering the class requirements in their big Nov 24th update to help people get there faster. More »

From Finalfantasy14players: Christmas has arrived early — the official Final Fantasy 14 site has announced an extension of the free trial period to an additional 30 days! While the site outlines a few eligibility requirements, it seems like in a nutshell, anyone who’s registered an account and purchased a character before Nov. 19 can enjoy the extra 30 days. More »

Sick of the lack of games in your collection? Sick of having nothing to play when going over a friend’s house? Then this Holiday Gift Guide will solve all your problems and help you find the perfect game for you or a friend by Christmas day. This guide gives you some of the most popular games and also a heads up on fun upcoming releases you guys could get before Christmas. More »

The last update of Catherine revealed the Stray Sheep bar/cafe that Vincent usually visits where NPC socializing takes place. It seems the bar has a more important role in the game and that important role is providing Vincent with alcohol. Plus, a new trailer was released for the game and boy, is it freaky (but totally awesome). More »

A Gran Turismo fan at the GAME recently released a video that showed the unraveling of the GT5 Signature Edition. Watch the gamer unbox all the content and briefly explains the items included in the signature edition. More »

The recently held PSN maintainance had some purpose after all. Several reports came in from users that they can’t access the PS Network at all. Why? They were foolish enough to jailbreak their PS3. More »

Project Draco was revealed at the Tokyo Game Show this year, and not much has been revealed about it. However, today, Famitsu revealed 2 screenshots of the game. As you can probably tell, you get to ride dragons! More »

There’s a new game trading site named Game For A Game as a contender to a lot of rental and trade-in businesses of today. It wants to please both parties, because frankly, places like Gamestop give you (at best) 5% for an 1+month old game’s worth. This site wants to eliminate the middle man, and let to trade with other gamers– literally, a game for a game. More »

If you loved Burger Jam (I know I did), then you’ll probably love this business running game. Flower Shopkeeper is a flash game that has you arranging bouquets exactly as the customers want them. More »

In the future racing has left the confines of enclosed tracks and taken to the sky with rocket fuel jet racers. Rocket Racing has become the worlds’ newest obsession and the Rocket Racing League (RRL) is there to bring it to the masses. You have the opportunity to be the Tiger Woods of Rocket Racing, so strap yourself in this is going to be one hell of a ride! More »

At the next month’s Spike TV Video Game Awards, Microsoft will announce a Gears of War Kinect title. There is no news on wheither it will be a new Gears of War game or if it will be a tweak to the existing title but the game will come directly for the game series developer Epic Games. More »


EVE Online is a sci-fi MMORPG, where players pilot customizable ships and travel through a universe made up of over 7,500 star systems. The game features in-game professions and activities such as mining, piracy, manufacturing, exploration, and of course combat as well as amongst others, for the players. But what really makes EVE Online stand out from the crowd is a new character creation method. It’s like none you’ve ever seen before. More »

Although Blizzard is working on a project called Diablo III and is looking to hire a console lead designer, lead programmer, guest designer, and senior producer, there might not be a Diablo III for consoles. Yeah, right. More »

Cut The Rope, the adorable iPhone game has broken the sales record, selling over three million units worldwide on the Apple App Store. The Publisher’s of this game have also made the games first update which includes the “Cosmic Box” which contains 25 new challenging levels. More »

Call of Duty fanatic, Den Kirson, has released a detailed spec sheet for all of the weapons for Call of Duty: Black Ops. Kirson maps out each weapons’ statistics based on the code found within the game to give an accurate picture of each weapons’ pros and cons. What he found was quite startling. To find out which weapons are best for your play style check out his chart below. More »

If anyone followed the PS3 when it first launched, War Devil was one of the first highly anticipated (and hyped) game developed for the PS3. However, Ignition Entertainment pulled the plug on that project some time ago. But guess what now? It’s coming back under its new name, Project Kane! More »

Geeky gamers never cease to impress with their amazing creations that show off their love for games. This time, some gamers have made some very eye-catching Nintendo DS mods that are sure to spice up your gaming experience. More »

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