Completely new to Treasure Seekers, I’d found myself a gem in Treasure Seekers 2: The Enchanted Canvases HD. Treasure Seekers 2 HD is what happens when you combine a hidden object game with an adventurous puzzle game. Not surprisingly, both genres combined make for an interesting game. In Treasure Seekers 2 HD, you play Nelly, an adventure loving girl who’s on a mission to rescue her brother Tom from a mysterious Romanian castle. To do this, she’s discovered that the castle’s ‘Enchanted Canvases’ are the key to breaking the evil spells that are holding Tom captive in the castle. Every canvas bears interesting developments leading up to Tom’s rescue.

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The Enchanted Canvases are a unique way of naming a hidden object game’s different locations of play. Each canvas takes you to a different place out of the castle — from the sea to land. In total there are 50 scenes and mini games found within 6 Enchanted Canvases. Each Enchanted Canvas has it’s own set of marching orders that need to be completed in order to move on to the next canvas. Rather than search for random objects, each canvas includes situations in which you’ll need to find specific hidden objects to proceed.

For example an order to deliver a potion to a ghost will require you to look for items found within the scene to create the potion. To ‘find’ the items to complete a task, you simply touch and drag into a circular slot. To keep things interesting, it’s not always one task you’re required to focus on, sometimes you’ll have two tasks running. User-interface wise, the circles that you store the found objects couldn’t have been a better idea — you have the ability to keep them open if you want to focus on two at a time, or you can tap on one to keep it hidden just in case you get distracted easily.

To keep gameplay from being monotonous, some tasks require playing mini games. Luckily, if mini games aren’t your thing or you’re terrible at locating hidden objects, there’s a ‘Hint’ function. To prevent from overuse, you have to allow the Hint button to recharge before you can actually use it again. This keeps gameplay moderately difficult without being penalized for spam tapping for objects. At the same time, the advanced mode is something you can try out if casual mode is too much of a breeze for you. If you ask me, casual mode is difficult enough on it’s own!

Graphics and sound are both stunning. Each Enchanted Canvas is jam packed with animation — nothing is ever static looking which makes this game a treat to simply look at.

The only qualm I had with Treasure Seekers 2 HD is that there were times where I just wished it was easier to get myself from point A to point B in a scene. Although simple, some tasks had way too many steps. At the same time, I also found this game to be a little on the short side. There is an option to play it on advanced mode, but aside from that, there isn’t much replay value. Once you’re finished, you’re finished.

Overall, I still thought Treasure Seekers 2 HD was a nicely polished game that’s more fun than your average hidden object game. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes a little adventure in their casual gaming experience.

For more info or to purchase, head here.

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thanks for sharing!

Wow, a very high score.
I like playing treasure games smile


thanks for the review
i’d play this for sure if had an ipad haha

Thanks for sharing! ^o^

looks like a really fun game to play :]
thanks for the review!

ooh i love adventure games like this! seems really interesting!
is it only available for iPad? thanks for the review Jinra!

seems like a good game
thanks for the review!

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