Popular games like World of Warcraft are easily susceptible to copycat games. Gameloft is known as a copycat developer, so the announcement of their own version of World of Warcraft came as no surprise to many. The new MMORPG, titled ‘Order & Chaos Online‘ is set to be distributed through the iOS App Store.

Like the title clearly points out, the game is a fight between the forces of order and chaos in a massive, multiplayer game setting. The release date has not been specified, but Gameloft has stated that it is ‘coming soon’ as an app available for the iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone.

Considering Gameloft has been doing fine with it’s other games that have some similar aspects to other popular games, I am sure this will do alright but it can never compare to the real WoW.

The games trailer seems like any average MMORPG with decent graphics but lets wait and see if it has any surprises or special options during game play to differentiate itself from just another knockoff when it’s released!


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ehhh.. it looks alright, WOW is so much better though.. haha
thanks for sharing!

hmm...dun like copycats games

looks like an interesting game :D
thanks for sharing!~

lol it seems interesting :D thanks for sharing

it seems like a pretty interesting game to play D;
thanks for sharing!

haha nice. Too busy to play another game T____T

i want to play this game but im soo busy withh ningin and school, dont have time to play >.<

a game being multiplayer and has online opportunities is a plus ^^ most of the time anyway, as long as its use is not abused >3< looks pretty cool, with all the creatures and magic :D thanks for sharing!

Wow, Order & Chaos really does look like World of Warcraft. I’d say decent enough graphics, too, but not to my taste. =/ Oh, well, let’s see how well it does when it actually gets released, right? XD

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