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As we all should know by now, Japan was recently hit with a terrible 8.8 magnitude earthquake and tsunami. In order to conserve power, servers that govern Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XI and PlayOnline have been temporarily suspended. More »

If you’ve been too lazy to grab a copy of a Game Boy Advance game from a nearby GameStop, you’d better snag it ASAP. The reason for this is because GameStop will soon no longer carry any Game Boy Advance games and systems right when April 2nd comes along. More »

Child of Eden, for all those Kinect users out there that have been anticipating its released date, has just gotten one! This video game is set to release on June 14th for the Xbox 360 version that is. More »

From Ningin: Since Girlybubble is growing so fast now, we need to do another round of server upgrades and maintenance. This is schedule for Monday, 11am EST to 1pm EST. That’s 8am PST to 11am PST, or 2am to 4am for those in Sydney. The total downtime should only be for about 1 hour and could start a bit earlier or later than the time specified. More »

First, it’s not the actually President of the US. But it’s actually a band called Presidents of the United States - had you fooled there, didn’t I? Well they decided to release a song that is tribute to the new Pokemon: Black and White game that I am a HUGE fan of. This song is pretty interesting to listen to - “Can’t Stop Catchin’ Em All.” Cute song right? More »

New Scientist has done some research and they’ve developed an interesting theory. They say that if soldiers play war-themed games like Call of Duty can assist them in coping with the mental trauma caused from the war. They’ve also been able to avoid nightmares. More »

MEGamers get in on a special hands-on event for Crysis 2 organized by EA where the publishers showcased a near-final build of Crysis 2 on PS3. Some of the single player campaign was caught on camera. Played on the PS3, even though the actual recording is a little low-res, the gameplay itself doesn’t look like it at all. Which makes you wonder how fan-freaking-tastic is must be in person. More »

Congratulations to brettchoi (again) for successfully unscrambling the previous title scramble, “A Accounted Vender Lion” to achieve Dance Dance Revolution! In Title Scramble, your task is to identify the title of a video game based on the anagram given. The first person to answer correctly will earn 100 EXP points as well as Legion Points for your Mixr Legion. More »

To those who are interested in DC Universe Online, and you’re too lazy to carry yourself to the store, then here’s your chance. PlayStation Network is now putting the game up for a single download but Sony hasn’t specified the date it will be available. The price will not budge from the original $59.99, and it’s not been mentioned how much space the game will take on the hard drive but it’s likely that a good amount is needed. More »

The new upcoming horror survival game from the new studios Goichi Suda (Suda 51) and veteran Shinji Mikami (known for his work for Resident Evil), comes Shadows of the Damned. It kind of gives a Resident Evil feel. You play Garcia, a professional demon hunter who finds his true love kidnapped by vengeance-seeking demon so you have to travel netherworld Garcia faces danger and turmoil around every corner. Check it out here: More »

Nintendo hasn’t played the field with its full potential yet so it’s easy to expect a new console from the company at the E3 2011 that’s coming in June. The industry analyst who easily predicted this is Arvind Bhatia. More »

Mario Kart is a classic Nintendo game that I’m sure a lot of you out there love to play. Nintendo has just announced that it’s planning to make Mario Kart “fun and exciting” for the Nintendo 3DS. More »

Nintendo 3DS can, from evidence, have it’s battery petered out within 3 hours of 3D mode in full effect gaming. However, there is a solution to your problem. And that is the Nyko Power Pak. 6-10 hours of battery life will be provided when charging, depending on how far you crank the 3D switch. More »

Catherine is hard. Atlus admits that. People who’ve played the demo admit that. And so Atlus promised a “Super Easy Patch.” And thank god, it has been released. The PS3 version became available recently but the Xbox 360 version is still in development. Details on its release will be announced later. More »

THQ has been pretty generous with the amount of Homefront trailers they’ve released to hype up the game’s upcoming release. This new trailer, which is a montage of multiplayer gameplay, gives you a glimpse at the online maps and fields. It’s really fast-paced, which may be because they sped up the trailer. More »

Crysis 2 is the sequel to the popular game that made even the greatest PC gamings rigs quake in their boots, so it’s normally anticipated to be gorgeously streamlined for it’s debut on the Xbox 360 and PS3. It’s hard to believe that the console’s views of the game could even come close to the PC’s. But in the video below you’ll notice how well the 360 copes in multi-player mode of the game. More »

From Girlybubble: Today’s Plushie of the Day features a white Xbox 360 plushie! We’ve already seen how cute a Wii plushie is, and I can’t help but say this Xbox plushie is equally as adorable. What’s good about these plushie consoles are that even if you rage quit on a game and start hammering the console, no damage will be done and it will still look up adorably at you. More »

Microsoft’s Kinect has sold more than 10 million for the Xbox 360! Kinect, which is a controller-free gaming system that is in competition with the Nintendo Wii, and Playstation 3 Move, has been selling tremendously ever since it’s release last November. More »

After the reveal of the new Uncharted 3 villian, one Ms. Marlowe, we were left confuddled by her intentions. (In fact, the trailer-cut scene literally ended with her saying something like getting what’s “rightfully mine”.) In this new video interview, lead designer Richard Lemarchand explains some bits and pieces about her character and motivations, along with revealing some info about the new 3D features in Uncharted 3. More »

Hackers have found a way to collect Xbox Live Points without paying a single penny. To add Microsoft Points to your Xbox Live account you have to add a long string of characters found on the Points card you have purchased. The hackers had figured out how to predict what those characters should be and managed to get $1.2 million worth of Microsoft Points. More »

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