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A trailer for Guild Wars 2: The Domain of the Charr has recently been released! The trailer gives you a tour of the Black Citadel and the industrial area of the Charr war machine. It shows the smokey, polluted factory and a bit of fighting too. Be sure to check out the exciting trailer below! More »

From Ziggytek:

I don’t know about you guys but whenever I think of souvenirs, an image of snow globes featuring a vacationing area comes to mind. Not so much a little inanimate statuesque figure of yourself posing on La Rambla street of Barcelona. More »

From Ziggytek:

EA Sports will reportedly offer a new subscription service for gamers to create their own universal profiles where they can transfer their old stats, rosters etc. to their new games. The subscription also includes some full downloadable versions of participating game titles before they come out in stores. More »

According to a recent study, it is. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that those who game tend to eat more than those who don’t game. Doctors have reason to believe that video games are poor replacements for physical activities and compel said gamers to eat more when in fact they’re not even hungry. More »

On August 23rd, Square-Enix will release “Deus Ex: Human Revolution“, the Augmented Reality edition of the game. Sadly, this does not apply to America. It will only be limited to Australia, New Zealand and Europe. However, there has been no words on the price of the game, but most likely, it will be expensive. More »

Congratulations to brettchoi(again) for successfully unscrambling the previous Title Scramble, “A Jading Nine” to achieve Ninja Gaiden! In Title Scramble , your task is to identify the title of a video game based on the anagram given. The first person to answer correctly will earn 100 EXP points as well as Legion Points for your Mixr Legion. More »

New games are released nearly everyday, so every week we compile a list of these new games, just for you. There are 15 upcoming game releases this week so read on to find out more about the games: More »

Battlefield 3’s Facebook Page announced “mission accomplished.” This came because DICE’s aim to get 1 million fans was finally fulfilled. No regrets will be made either, when you watch it. Watch the astonishing video here. More »

Sony recently shut down its PlayStation Network due to an “external intrusion,” promising an update on its situation as soon as possible. On their official PlayStation Bog, they posted an apology on the issues and announced that they were working around the clock to bring their services back by rebuilding and strengthening their system with additional security. More »

Microsoft and Sony are reportedly aiming to wait until 2014 before releasing their next consoles, according to “industry sources” of a new report. These two companies, despite Nintendo’s revealing of their next-gen console at E3 later this year, are going to continue with their original plan of giving their current consoles longer lifespans. More »

Today’s gaming peripheral is a gaming cockpit, submitted by user KeepingTheFaith. I’ve never seen such an elaborate and unique setup for gaming, peripheral wise. It looks like it would be so fun and cool to use! More »

What would life be like without the advance technology? Techvolution is a mind stimulating game that will let your imagination and creativity flow as your create new inventions in these one of the five categories: War, Science, Transportation, Resource, and Construction. Explore each stages and help mankind progress through the eight stage of human civilization. More »

If you play anything from Rockstar Games, you may recall that they have many notable exclusive features such as: Trophies, Achievements and Collection Quests. We’ve seen someone leak the list of Trophies for the game La Noire, but that has not been officially called “true” yet. That didn’t stop someone from conjuring an unofficial list of Achievements, which is presented below. Note that it probably isn’t 100% legitimate. More »

Congratulations to brettchoi for successfully unscrambling the previous Title Scramble, “A Rash Owl” to achieve Halo Wars! In Title Scramble , your task is to identify the title of a video game based on the anagram given. The first person to answer correctly will earn 100 EXP points as well as Legion Points for your Mixr Legion. More »

Round three of Idol Master 2’sCatalogue 3” focuses on their main attraction, “Ai Like Hamburger.” It seems like there is a pun involved with the word “Ai” in the title. The word could possibly mean love, refer to one of the Idol Master idols, Ai Hidaka, or just be the the English “I” in Japanese. Ai Like Hamburger is a song that can be sung by up to three girls and consists of various big band sounds. The hamburger-themed game is set to be released on the April 28 for download. In the meantime, be sure to check out the song below! More »

If you recall, Activision created a game that was adapted from ABC’s Wipeout TV show with Kinect for the Xbox 360, called the Wipeout: In the Zone. If you’re getting to game to gain laughs from all the trauma you inflict upon your character… think again. JoyStiq found, after watching the trailer that “self-inflicted trauma is hilarious, but not when inflicted on lifeless, unfeeling Avatars.” So you’ll lose but you might gain some laughs. Here’s the trailer! More »

Welcome back to the sale charts of this week! This feature informs you of the top games and consoles in America of the week. To see if your favorite game stayed on top or failed miserably check out the stat results below! More »

- This week’s Gamestop ad features deals like a $50 gift card with a purchase of an Xbox 360 Kinect Console.

-Get Gears of War COG Tags from ThinkGeek for $7.99 here. More »

Today’s peripheral is a Ghostbuster Wii peripheral. Are you a fan of Ghostbusters? I know some people who are die hard followers and would love such a thing. I was really impressed by this, as I learned that it was hand made by a modder named Jack Rossi. It certainly is a very unique and kooky peripheral. More »

Here’s one for the taking: Konami Style has revealed its resin Pyramid Head from Silent Hill Homecoming and currently has it priced at 31,500 yen. That’s around $382 in USD. So basically, this is just a Pyramid Head model. If you’re a big fan of the game series, it’s probably something you should be interested in looking at. Though, for probably a model that isn’t as awesome as the real character, would it really be worth it? Maybe you try making it come to life. More »

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