Lara Croft’s rough and tough facade has certainly taken it’s toll on her physical appearance. She may seem like the ultimate hero image for women everywhere, but throughout her games, even with her short shorts and tight shirt, she hasn’t gotten a scratch on her. After all, she’s only human. Steering away from her sex appeal image, they take her to a new extreme. As you can see from the photo above, she looks like she has had it. Could they have taken this too far? But come on, after all she’s been through, this image is actually quite decent at portraying it.

For her newest game, simply titled, Tomb Raider, she will be taking on this image. As much as I look at Lara Croft as the ultimate adventurer, and find it weird to see her covered in blood and battle scars, I can’t tell you how many times I have played the game, poorly timed and running down a hallway causing her to be sliced by a dozen blades. But it’s okay, she just walks it off like nothing has happened, a mere flinch, nothing more.

Walking through fire is fine as long as she can find water, but she remains calm. Walking on glass is harmless as long as she goes slow, and she can take a million bullets before feeling any pain. Really super human. It makes me very anxious to see how they will handle her newest game, after all I grew up off of the Tomb Raider series. I’m excited, but I will be very picky.

What opinion do you guys have on Lara’s new image?


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wow, the image looks very bloody and graphic. i guess it’s more realistic

wow, i think the game would actually look more realistic with this image, but poor her

Wow. What an intense image. Definitely makes the game more realistic. Thanks for sharing.

that’s amazing..but i bit horrible too

Whoa...I thought that was a real picture for a second. I always wondered about that, too. She managed to have flawless skin even with all the fighting that she goes through. XD
Lol, right...a mere flinch...I think it makes sense. A lot of game ocmpanies are trying to make games seem as real as possible, and you much as we wish that our game characters were immortal, it makes sense that she should have a few battle scars. I really wonder how they’re going to do it, though...I mean, when she’s sliced, it’s usually through the stomach, so is she just going to have a deep gushing wound there or something? XD Well, can’t wait to play Tomb Raider. Thanks for sharing!

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