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Why it’s none other than the powerhouse shooter that has captured just about every gamer’s heart, Call of Duty: Black Ops. At least for those in the UK. More »

Seems like it’s going to be a busy rest of the year for SEGA, as well as the beginning half of their 2012. The game lineup list of all the titles they plan to release have been revealed, with helpful release dates or launch windows, starting with the first one on July 8. More »

This PC-exclusive shooter doesn’t have a name yet, but Flying Wild Hog has decided to tease us with a screenshot from their new game. More »

This Mass Effect 2 cosplay costume was created by sculptor sithlord314. The almighty Garrus Vakarian is seen looking pretty much how he does in the actual game, which is a pretty astonishing feat in itself. More »

Though “Annihilation” has barely been released for a week, developer Treyarch has already started the teasing for a fourth map pack to come. More »

For the six months left in 2011, Gameloft has revealed what they plan to release for all you mobile gamers. Check out the full list after the cut: More »

Videogame salesman Peter Molyneux has claimed that modern games are becoming boring and all the same. He’s currently making an on-rails shooter for Kinect, which doesn’t make it very different to other games. More »

How great would it be to use portals to beat your opponent in a Mortal Kombat battle? They’ll never expect you from any angle…until you give ‘em a K.O. with that final finishing move. More »

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3, developed by Tecmo Koei Games, was released by Namco Bandai today, for the Xbox 360. It shows the futuristic mecha action, including its graphical and gameplay addition! More »

Known as “crunch time,” this is known as an excessive work period in the video gaming industry. More or less, this is also a period of horror stories in the industry. Not many people really hear about it because not many employees talk about it or make their complaints public (because who wants to get fired right?). More »

On June 23rd, Gamasutra was issued a court filing by Interplay due to the developer’s legally troubled Fallout MMO. The filing is cause as a response to a preliminary injuction, which was filed by Bethesada, to prevent Interplay from adapting the franchise’s story, plot as well as the characters in their online opus. More »

What you need to do here is to guide these cute birds through a world full of danger. Unlock new birds as you progress through the game. Each bird has its own special ability from getting invisible or using time warp to a powerful explosion ability. More »

If you live in Canada and love first-person shooter games, then you should check out this announcement made by Ubisoft. The gaming company is looking for some testers to test out some mysterious first-person shooter game that no one knows about. More »

Team Bondi and creator, Brendon McNamara have been the center of outrage recently. Complaints have surfaced from the employees about the work ethics behind the studios and the horror of working and completing the recent hit game, L.A. Noire. More »

Today’s What The Peripheral features a tablecloth keyboard.

This contraption is an ultra-thin keyboard that sits below an impervious tablecloth. The tablecloth protects the keyboard from any spills that would otherwise destroy the keyboard. And plus, it would look cool to type with a tablecloth! This is designed by Tonia Welter. More »

Sony Computer Entertainment Korea has asked for game Limbo to be rated in the hopes that it will soon come out for the PS3 in the near future. More »

Square Enix has released a new batch of FFXIII-2 screenshots featuring the new heroine, Serah (sister of the FFXIII heroine Lightning) and one of the new boys of the cast, Noel. The screenshots show some new monsters and some fight scenes. More »

Surely you didn’t think this to be possible. But now it is. Two years ago, the Cyberbike, which was a nice Wii peripheral that allowed you to use it as a controller, was teased and now, as the Wii drops in price to $150, it comes out for $199.99. More »

Sony Computer Entertainment has reshuffled its top tier and promoted Andrew House and Kaz Hirai to the top of the table. Effective from September 1, current CEO and co-COO of SCE Europe Andrew House will make make the step up to the position of group president and CEO of SCE International. More »

- Frontlines: Fuel of War is 75% off on Steam.

- Save $20 on select Kinect games at More »

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