In every successful game, there must be one essential lead character and one sexy female character. The supporting female character plays a significant role in either, heightening the protagonist’s skills or creating the downfall in which the protagonist slowly succumbs to. Whatever role the female may play, they are undeniably beautiful in their own way.

Likewise to accentuate this statement, I have compiled a list of Female Video Game Characters that I think are absolutely stunning.

Yuna, Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2
Ever since I played FFX, I have become quite envious of the beautiful Yuna. From an innocent, naive girl she transitions dramatically into a “bad-ass” gunner. She possesses many envious traits, let it be her complementary eye color or flawless skin and despite not revealing too much cleavage, Yuna can still nonetheless be deemed as hot!

Lara Croft, Tomb Raider
Next up is Lara. This list is just not complete without Lara, because come on, she is the definition of HOT! In the past, Lara has been associated with being the most successful game heroine. Her odds are in her favor and to be honest, I have not found another character that can possibly compete with this star or come an inch close. To watch her climb, swing and jump through some of the most deadly locations on Earth, it is never a dreary experience.

Chun Li, Street Fighter
She embodies the word sexy all over and with her obsession to avenge her father, she does some pretty insane stuff, making her an ideal contender on this list.

Faith, Mirror’s Edge
Her killer moves and mystic plans, Faith is beyond doubt a hot character.

Tifa Lockhart, Final Fantasy VII
With her distinctive white tank top and miniskirt, Tifa Lockhart is part of one of the most famous love stories in the history of video games. Despite her simple attire, her tight clothing outlines her petite body structure and curvy body, which puts her among one of the best video game characters.

Ivy Valentine, Soul Calibur
Ivy is characterized as being seductive and lethal, with her clothing posing with a purpose of more than protection.

Farah, Prince of Persia
Farah has become the icon of Prince of Persia, as she aids the Prince in his ‘death-defying’ journeys. She is able to triumphantly maneuver throughout the game with much swift and with her proportionate body, she surely is one of the hottest video game characters.

Shiva, Final Fantasy X
You can’t really call her a female character because she is an aeon, but I can’t find any reason to not put her on the list. She’s sexy, strong and fierce which highlights her sex appeal.

Lightening, Final Fantasy XIII
With the saturation of feminine females, Lightening returns the contention of being a tomboy. She is able to define her simplistic beauty, not through her cleavage nor skin bearing outfits but rather through her “badass” composition.

With that said, that concludes this list. Who else do you think deserves a place on this list?

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They definitely look good.
and Lara Croft, Tomb Raider kind of reminds me of Ha Ji Won and her new movie raspberry

i think Tifa is the best smile

I like Tifa the most. Final Fantasy smile

yuna is my favourite!

love the FF characters raspberry

I love all the Final Fantasy characters! Played Prince of Persia so I’ll agree on that one as well smile No one from Tekken?

totally agree with all these!

Agree with this list! Love Yuna and Tifa! Hehe.

i love Yuna the most!

Thanks for sharing! dont know many of them XD

tifa lockhart <33

Maybe Nina Williams for Tekken?
Thanks for sharing!

they all look interesting? LOL
thanks for sharing!

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