Final Fantasy, anyone? I am a huge, huge fan of Final Fantasy games and the movies too! Though, I only started being obsessed with it after Final Fantasy X-2 was released. I love everything about Final Fantasy including the graphics, characters, soundtracks and some other stuffs that make me want to jump inside the game.

I’ve noticed a few characters with a cool personality from some of the Final Fantasy series and I find them really attractive. We might have different opinions on this. Let’s take a look at the list!

Paine from Final Fantasy X-2

A strong, warrior-like person who doesn’t talk much. She was a part of the Crimson Squad (along with Nooj, Baralai, Gippal) before joining the Gullwings after Yuna. Her past and the reason why she wants to become a sphere hunter remains mysterious.

Auron from Final Fantasy X

Former guardian of Lord Braska, Yuna’s father, a high summoner who fights off Sin. Similar to Paine, he doesn’t speaks much but when he speaks it is always words of wisdom (I say he speaks in riddles all the time). He is not the friendliest character in the game but he sure is strong and useful.

Lulu from Final Fantasy X/X-2

One of Yuna’s guardian, she treats Yuna like a little sister. She grew up in Besaid Island. Lulu is a very elegant woman, her long gray/black robe gives her a gothic look. She was romantically involved with Wakka’s brother, Chappu. That is, before he died on a battle against Sin. On Final Fantasy X-2, Wakka takes his brother’s place in her heart as they get married and formed a family of their own.

Fran from Final Fantasy XII

Race: Viera (part human, part rabbit)
Hometown: Eruyt Village
She disregarded the teachings of her people and left her home and became a sky pirate along with her partner, Balthier. Fran is very intelligent and knows how to handle difficult situations calmly.

Lighting from Final Fantasy XIII

An older sister to Serah. She herself is the heroine in the game. Strong and independent young woman who can destroy numerous enemies swiftly and easily. Her real name wasn’t revealed so everyone refers her as ‘Lighting’.

Basch from Final Fantasy XII

He is the Captain in the Order of Knights in Dalmasca. Originally from Landis, he fled to Dalmasca after Landis’s fall to the Archadian Empire. He was set up for the crime by his brother Gabranth, who murdered the king of Dalmasca. Being a noble warrior he is, Basch ended up being a Judge, protector of the new Emperor Larsa Solidor.

Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy

He is the main character in the story. Cloud’s appearance is marked by spikey blond hair, striking blue eyes, dark clothing and his Buster Sword which previously belonged to his friend Zack Fair.

I’m sure I missed out some of the characters. If you can think of others, please don’t hesitate to share!