Can’t get enough of Monopoly and its classic game? Well, why don’t you travel the world with Monopoly as it embarks on a world edition trip?

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MONOPOLY HERE & NOW: The World Edition is quite a fascinating version of Monopoly. And why would I say that? Because you get to “travel” the world. Because the gameplay of the World Edition is quite similar to that of the classic edition, you get to see different sights, so to speak.

Gameplay remains the same. You tap on the screen to roll the dice and you get to auction the pieces that you don’t want to pay the full price of. Because, let’s face it, paying full price for something is not fun. And no one likes to pay full price of everything.

Right off the bat, I realized that you start off with $15 million. Isn’t that awesome? But bad news - the properties cost more to purchase. Say what?! I guess that’s the price of having too much cash, eh? But no matter - keep your wits about you like you would with the other edition.

Maybe it was just the luck of the draw or this version, but on normal difficulty, I found my computer opponent to be tougher than the opponent I had in the classic mode when I played on normal difficulty. I also realized that I had to play way smarter this time around. Maybe it is just the world edition, but heck, I almost had to start mortgaging off my pieces! And I kept going to jail a lot this time. Maybe I just have no luck.

Luckily, whatever properties I didn’t want, I would auction them, then my opponent would always overbid. Hey, that’s a tip: make your opponent run out of money fast by making them overbid. It worked and soon, my opponent was in a pickle.

I found that this solo game also ran on much longer than I would’ve liked. That’s no fun, but seeing the different places from the usual classic edition was a nice change. I mean, your game tactics will most likely not change with this edition. It shouldn’t - it’s basically the same game with a different layout and different community/chance cards.

If I were to choose which game to go with, I would say this edition. Why? It provides a different outlook for the game - you get to see different properties (countries in this case) and the player pieces are different. And the fact that both games cost $9.99 at the moment isn’t very tantalizing (and why not go for the cool exotic version if both are the same price). So, just wait until there is a sale, which should be soon.

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