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A second firmware update has came to the PlayStation Vita, which means that the system has been taken to version 1.52. A small bug fix is offered by Sony, very much similar to the previous update, which is quite useful. More »

Square Enix has announced that it will turning the adorable critters known as Dream Eaters from Kingdom Hearts 3D into adorable stuffed animals so you can sleep with them at night (and let them eat your dreams). More »

Seems like we stumped you in the previous Photo Shuffle game with Muiri from The Elder Scrolls. Here’s the original image: More »

It has been announced that Alan Wake’s American Nightmare’s campaign mode is to last for around four to five hours. Oskari Hakkinen, Remedy’s head of franchise development, confirmed this and gave a little explanation. More »

Square Enix will be releasing “Heroes of Ruin” for the 3DS sometime this year. To keep fans intrigued, they’ve revealed a new trailer that reveals more about the game’s story and environment. More »

The next installment of Silent Hill, Silent Hill: Downpour, will be following the story of a prisoner who becomes stranded in Silent Hill after the van that he is transported in crashes off the side of the road. With some new environments, Silent Hill: Downpour takes place in an all new section of the town. More »

Now here’s something fun. You know the car insurance, Progressive, and how it will net you mucho savings compared to those other car insurance agencies out there? Well, Progressive has enlisted the help of a rather recognizable blue critter. More »

The Japanese game developer, Gust has decided to send its PS3 game, Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland overseas to North America and Europe. More »

Are you excited for the release of the new PS Vita’s games that are coming to North America? More »

Playstation announced that it will release some new features for Gran Turismo 5 via downloadable packs this Tuesday. More »

One month ago, it was announced that Final Fantasy XIII-2 would be getting a few Ultimania Guides like its predecessor received. And now, Amazon has gone ahead and released the covers for the two guides, which will be available on January 31st. More »

XSEED, publishers of the title Sumioni: Demon Arts, have just announced that there will be a release of the game in the US this coming spring. This news will do nothing other than delight US fans of the game, who will be upbeat about it. More »

It was initially announced that Mass Effect 3 will be available through Origin and a number of other 3rd party digital retailers. However in a recent confirmation from BioWare’s Community Coordinator, Chris Priestly it has been revealed that Mass Effect 3 will unfortunately not be making it to Steam due to Steam’s implementation of their new “restrictive terms of service”. More »

Nintendo has decided to grant us a present in the form of demos for the Bit.Trip series, Lilt Line, World of Goo, And Yet It Moves, Jett Rocket, Cave Story, Fluidity, Final Fantasy, LIT, and many more! It seems like Christmas decided to swing by late this year!

More »

Namco Bandai has recently announced that the iOS version of Soul Calibur will be available for download on January 19th. This version of the classic arcade features all 19 fighters in various play modes, such as arcade battle, time attack, survival, extra survival, practice, and museum modes. The time attack, survival, and extra survival modes are compatible with Game Center’s Leader Boards. More »

Square Enix will soon be releasing a new Wii exclusive action role-playing game titled, “The Last Story“. Europe will be seeing a Limited Edition bundle version of the game which will come in a steel book case. More »

A first video in a series of SSX “Uber Monday” from EA that will be released every week until the game’s launch has come out. We don’t know about whether other episodes of it will be released on Mondays though. More »

From Gundam Royal, to Tales of Kizna, to One Piece, Namco Bandai has recently reported that the total memberships across their games has surpassed the 10 million mark. 6 Million of them come from the three Gundam games alone. More »

THQ is giving away a free homie this week, in the form of the DLC for Saints Row The Third next week. SRTT owners on any platform can, from January 17th, download the CheapyD DLC, but the method required varies depending on the platform. More »

The development studio that came up with Scribblenauts, 5th Cell, has finally released their first exclusive title for iOS entitled Run Roo Run. The main aim of the game is rather simple: a mother kangaroo, that you play as, travels all the way across Australia in the hopes of freeing her captured Joey.

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