Let’s go back in time and observe this tiny slip of an accident involving EA Sports. In 1997 to be exact they released a Demo Disc of their latest FIFA football series. However the buyers didn’t just receive the demo but got access to FIFA PC source code as well.

Yossarian King, who used to work at EA Sports shares:

At EA we focused plenty on core tech, but we still never had any plan to sell it…In fact we thought our internal technology represented a significant competitive advantage that we couldn’t possibly let [others] have. Though there was an embarrassing incident in which a significant chunk of the FIFA PC source code from 1997 was accidentally included on a demo CD. I suspect that if this fell into Konami’s hands it may have set International Superstar Soccer back by several years as they tried to figure out just what we were up to.

Well, woah it’s kind of unbelievable that public didn’t notice but weird things do happen sometimes… What a loss to company if that ever happened today. Slip up like that would be unheard of these days.