Mass Effect 2 already got its own iOS game during the release on the traditional consoles a few years ago, so it would make sense that Mass Effect 3 should have its own as well.

EA has decided to run through this time with a bit more intelligence; instead of focusing on the first companion you meet, this iOS title will be an action-based, third-person shooter that will be directly affecting one of the main game’s elements.

If you play the iOS game, your Galactic Readiness rating will increase. To make things simple, the more you play, the better your statistics. EA added that “exclusive weaponry” will be available for the main title, and who doesn’t like the special weapons?

The tie-in game is called Mass Effect Infiltrator, which should be available for all modern iOS devices soon.

Interesting, but I’m more of a puzzles and brain teasers type of person. How about you guys?