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On February 22nd, it will officially be 10 years since Microsoft’s Xbox reached Japan’s shores and Microsoft is celebrating with Kinect Hotel Stays and Xbox Live Arcade games! More »

A ’scam’ app trying to replicate Nintendo’s Pokémon Yellow has recently appeared on the iOS App Store, putting Apple’s quality control under fire. More »

From Girlybubble:

One Direction have become the models for the new 3DS-exclusive game “Mario Kart 7“. The boys went down to an actual go-karting track and had an immense amount of fun. One Direction also had a promotional photoshoot where they donned red overalls (sort of). 1D also had an interview with Mizz Mag TV during the photoshoot. More »

Sony obviously likes their idea for PS3/Vita cross-play as a way to eventually make more money on the franchise, but for now, to promote it, the company is offering content on both platforms for a single fee to get gamers interested. More »

Next month, the Western world is set to get the latest game from thatgamecompany - Journey. Beforehand, it was to be released year but plans didn’t come to fruition. More »

More recently we’ve seen many popular video games being about to be played on your iPad or iPhone. So what game is next- none other than Max Payne! Although there isn’t a set date the the game will be released, don’t forget to keep your eyes out for it!

Speaking of Max Payne, there is much hype about the new version Max Payne 3 coming out. Check out the game preview here.

You can opt for Portal engagement rings instead? More »

Well wait no more because Sony’s SVP of PlayStation Brand Marketing told ‘Game Trailers’ in a video interview that ‘COD’ will be launching on Vita this fall! More »

Although last summer Nintendo revealed the Wii U and continued to reveal new details about the console, there are still many things that may be in the works for it! More »

Today’s app is called “Solitaire Spider“. The point of this game is to complete the collections (King-Ace) of the same suit. You can put different suits on each other as long as the as the numbers are in order (lower the more you move down the row), but you can only move rows of cards to others if the numbers are in order and they are the same suit. More »

New games are released nearly everyday, so every week we compile a list of these new games, just for you. There are 9 upcoming game releases plus the PS Vita with WiFi or 3G/WiFi capabilities this week so read on to find out more about the games: More »

Square Enix announced their new downloadable optional character content from “Sazh: Heads or Tails?”. More »

A new trailer for the game Kid Icarus Uprising has just been released, courtesy of Nintendo for the 3DS. To accompany the mental shootouts collection where Icarus does his stuff, footage goes back to the original NES game. More »

You may not be particularly familiar with Mobiclip. Mobiclip is practically just a specialized organization who undergo Research and Development in an endeavor to provide the gaming industry with the “latest innovations in middle ware.” Thus, the importance of Mobicip is mammoth and recently, acquiring the entitlements of the business is no other than Nintendo. More »

Then why don’t you get a Super Mario Coin Block Lamp instead? More »

If you still remember, there were full virtual console updates promised last year for the NES Ambassador games. Well, it looks like they’ve finally come to the 3DS for Super Mario Bros. More »

Many fans can breath a sigh of relief now that the PlayStation Vita version of the Call of Duty game is set for release that autumn. Guy Longworth – SCEA’s new SVP of PlayStation brand marketing was first to reveal this. More »

Today’s app is “Zombie Farm“. Yes, you read that right! You get to grow 100% organic zombies and crops. What could be better than that? You can decorate your farm however suits your taste, fuse different zombies and plants to create an ultimate army of hybrids, and connect and play with your friends and their farm. More »

From Funsauce: World of Warcraft can be deemed as one of the most addictive games - more addictive than the usual games you would find on your console. With a fan base of over a few million, it is a wonder what image those who play the game portray? More »

If you are one of them hard-done-by American Wii owners that have found no luck in waiting for Xenoblade Chronicles to come to your platform Stateside, then you finally have a breakthrough. That’s because you have no more to wait. More »

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