So, this definitely blew my mind! Here is yet another Lego creation that is legit. It combines three things that definitely bring out the child in me: Legos, Gameboys, and Transformers!

Lego builder Julius von Brunk has not just taken some legos and built a Gameboy and a Transformer look alike. No, he has actually found a way to create near perfect replicas (as far as perfection can go with Legos) and has merged them together into one!

Domaster and Tetrawing, the name given to this creation, is a Gameboy made out of Legos that is completed with insertable batteries and a game cart. The beauty of it other than the fact that it looks so believable, is that it then transforms into the Transformer Soundwave, complete with its own version of Laserbeak from the Tetris cart.

Honestly, the things people think of with Legos. They definitely need to create a how-to guide for this one!