Capcom is getting excited after finally revealing the January release date for the next installment of Devil May Cry, but the game will be released five years after the last one. They hope this won’t be happening again for any of their key franchises.

Capcom’s CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto recently stated in the company’s earnings report, “Speeding up development will probably raise the cost. But creating quality content will be vital to Capcom’s ability to survive by overcoming intense global competition. …We will make substantial investments to develop this content.”

He also mentioned creating more downloadable content for the games to extend the life of the game for gamers, “For example, we may have five titles for which we can launch sequels over the next two and a half years. In this case, we can even out the introduction dates in order to launch major titles on a regular basis.”

According to the company’s COO, Haruhiro Tsujimoto, Resident Evil 6 took three and a half years to develop after Resident Evil 5, and Lost Planet 3 took 2 and a half years. “In both cases, the release cycle is shorter than for the previous series title. For ‘DmC Devil May Cry’, Development will require five years due to the time needed to select development companies because of our decision to switch to external development,” Tsujimoto said, “but our goal is to reduce the cycle to 2.5 years for subsequent titles in this series.”

I really hope they speed up development for Devil May Cry and their other games. It seems like forever since I played it…well I guess it really has since it’s been 5 years!