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Exciting news for fans who are eagerly waiting for Halo 4’s launch date in November: Microsoft has revealed that the new shooter will soon be completed. More »

If you haven’t heard by now, Dungeon Twister is a game-board-like game that is coming to PSN this July 3rd for $10. More »

Congratulations to user omgsun for correctly guessing the previous Photo Shuffle game with Shadowmere from The Elder Scrolls. Here’s the original image: More »

“If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” seems to be Relic Entertainment’s philosophy with the follow up to this highly regarded strategy game. More »

Known to many as NukaCola on the website Capcom-Unity, this video game fan has shown his love for music and games by drumming to the music of classics like Street Fighter and Mega Man! More »

Anyone is capable of rushing projects and completing them last minute even Microsoft Studios. They signed the deal for “a Xbox Live Arcade port” for Minecraft just a week before the news of it broke out. Heck, even the graphics that were included in the news was created just the night prior to it. There must be busy times at Microsoft Studios. More »

This is definitely the ideal game for anybody who’s not into the whole guns and graphic rage right now. Complete with cute graphics, characters, and story plot! More »

Authorities found over $2,500 AUD stolen goods from a Big W departement store in Queensland in the house of Rebecca Margaret Johnson. The 32-year old mom stole over 515 video games, over a course of a year. More »

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light has made sure to continue its “tradition” of moving to various, unexpected platforms. This fall, the adventure will be making its way to Google’s Chrome browser.

More »

New users of Diablo III were quite upset at the fact that they could not progress past level 13 but Blizzard has no addressed and fixed the issue. Those who purchased the digital version of the game will now be past level 13 however there are a few restrictions until payment verification is completed. More »

Sci-fi author Karen Traviss will reportedly not stay as a writer for ‘Gears of War: Judgment‘ after working on the previous three games and is now being replaced by ‘Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter’ author Tom Bissell and Rob Auten. More »

A new series of “WaSaBi” case for the Nintendo 3DS has just been released by Gametech. These transparent cases provide for the colour of the 3DS to be seen under the traditional Japanese designs, so it provide a unique texture. More »

From Funsauce: It all makes sense now, doesn’t it? The Angry Birds were all cleverly derived from these Muppets pairings. More »

It has been said that most gamers playing on Hitman: Absolution will not be able to complete the game, which should come as a surprise for some. This is according to Tore Blystad of IO Interactive, who claims it makes him “sad”. More »

Dragon’s Dogma is an RPG that has so far boasted some great sales figures, so Capcom have decided to take on the initiative of developing the game into a series. This will serve as great news for fans of the game. More »

Far Cry 3 was originally set for release in September, but its North American release has now been pushed back to December. More »

Fornite, an upcoming shooter title developed by Epic, has just been confirmed to be unleashed at Comic Con next month, after the developers themselves announced this news. A CGI trailer last year formed the first unveiling. More »

It seems as if The Creative Assembly, a studio based in the UK, has another trick up its sleeve, this time in the form of Rome 2: Total War, an upcoming RTS game. Amd it seems lik it will be a highly anticipated title. More »

An initial launch trailer for the title Spec Ops: The Line, a game from Yager, has just been released - courtesy of 2K. It claims that the trailer will “welcome you to hell”. In fact, they are trying to say that it is Dubai. More »

Sony’s Kazuo Hirai has announced that he is stepping down from his representative, chairman role at Sony Computer Entertainment. More »

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