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To help get you pumped for the U.S. release of Okamiden for the Nintendo DS on March 15, 2011, Capcom has some neat pre-order bonuses in store and an Okamiden Facebook app. More »

Don’t be fooled, it’s not from Sony or Microsoft. Here comes a brand new 3D smartphone, the Sharp Galapagos. And beware Nintendo, its getting a handful of games. More »

I know it’s not quite Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanza/whatever-you-celebrate yet, but the holiday season has definitely begun. What better way to entertain all your friends and relatives than with some amazingly designed (and equally tasting) sugar cookies in the shape of everyones favorite Pokemon, Pikachu! Don’t forget to save a couple for Santa! More »

Patience is a virtue. A virtue that 27 year old Makoto Sekiguchi doesn’t have. Sekiguchi uploaded images of unrevealed Pokemon from the new Pokemon Black & White game on the Internet on Sept. 1, two weeks before they were supposed to be released, and has now been arrested for it, charged with copyright infringement. More »

Mario and Luigi costumes are very popular during the Halloween season, but it’s a bit dull isn’t it? Definitely not if the costumes had movement sensitivity sound effects! More »

There’s a Soldier in All of Us, is the first and latest commercial for the action-packed Call of Duty: Black Ops. It isn’t your ordinary ad either, as it features basketball superstar, Kobe Bryant and television host, Jimmy Kimmel. More »

As you all know, Call of Duty: Black Ops will be released on November 9, but it’s not the only item that’s becoming available to the public. The official soundtrack and walkthrough guide will also arrive alongside the game. More »

The official launch trailer for James Bond: Blood Stone was revealed recently and it is as exciting and action packed as anything associated with the skillful spy. You will be rewarded with high speed car chases, expert karate moves and thrilling explosions when you watch the trailer. More »

Radio control cars aren’t life threatening, unless you’re talking about the ones featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops. These tiny automobiles don’t seem like much, but they are fully armed with deadly explosives that pack a lot of punch. The teaser shows the many different ways one can utilize the powerful RC cars. More »

There better be none! Capcom is releasing Ace Investigations (Gyakuten Kenji) 2 for the DS this February in Japan. And of course, to top that news off, there will be special bundles for it. There will be the “Extended” and “Limited” editions, both featuring the above image of a very impressive 18cm Miles Edgeworth figurine. Capcom has no plans to sell it individually. More »

What has eighteen letters, five words, and is a game that will be released on the 9th of November? Call of Duty: Black Ops of course! With the release soon to be hot off the press, I am delighted to announce that the developer, Treyarch Productions has posted up a new trailer for this extraordinary game. More »

New games are released nearly everyday, so every week we compile a list of these new games, just for you. There are 30 upcoming game releases this week so read on to find out more about the games: More »

With the upcoming Nintendo DS game, Plants vs. Zombies, being released in January 2011, a trailer for the game has finally been released. More »

Everyone has to agree that Pikachu is a cute Pokemon. You could be the manliest of men and still think that little yellow fluffball is huggable. So I would like to know how Pikachu kiddie rides in Korea look like horror abominations that crawled out of Clive Barker’s mind? More »

New games are released nearly everyday, so every week we compile a list of these new games, just for you. There are 30 upcoming game releases this week so read on to find out more about the games: More »

From Ningin: When I someday take that trip to Japan that I’ve been wanting to take, the new Pokemon Shop in Osaka is definitely one of the places that I want to visit! The store, which is currently being renovated from the Daimaru Umeda department store, is going to be the largest Pokemon shop in Japan! More »

Capcom has this awesome marketing strategy that involves introducing new deals every Friday, which then last for a week, before another deal takes its place the subsequent Friday. You won’t be hearing anyone saying “OBJECTION!” to that anytime soon. This week’s deals feature three Ace Attorney items: two DS games and an art book, so be sure to check it out the new and improved prices if you’re a fan! More »

So most of us got pretty excited about this crossover between Level-5 and Capcom, Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney. However, Japan might only get its hands on it. More »

Say if Pokemon weren’t battling, what do you think will happen to them? Apparently Pikachu would be a pretty darn good car engineer. More »

It wouldn’t be James Bond if there wasn’t a chase scene; either by car, plane or boat. In a recent behind the scenes teaser for James Bond 007: Blood Stone, various vehicles were showcased. By land, by sea, by air, you name it, they’re all integrated into the upcoming game! More »

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