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With Activision and Nintendo seeming to cooperate more these days, we hope to see the Angry Birds series come to the Wii and Wii U. Now, Activision revealed that Trilogy, made up of Rio, Angry Birds, and Seasons, will be coming to the two game consoles soon. More »

Great holiday news arrived for Rovio as over thirty million people downloaded a version of Angry Birds between December 22 and December 29. Reports also say that eight million Angry Birds downloads were seen on Christmas day alone. More »

If you’ve been wanting to see an Angry Birds movie, one is on the way…in 2016. More »

Angry Birds is rapidly making an impression on the soft drinks stage with the brand now reported to be up their with Coke and Pepsi, in terms of sales of its drinks in Finland. Its as if its video game appeal was just not enough. More »

Star Wars and Angry Birds will be teaming up for a new line of toys, action figures, clothes, and almost anything else! According to Fast Company, the image of the Red Bird as Luke Skywalker will be coming in just in time for the holidays. More »

Angry Birds are launching themselves into your homes with the Angry Birds Trilogy! Check out the launch trailer now! More »

The pigs from Angry Birds have become famous in their own right for being the best, lovable villains. They are partly the reason for millions of users dedicating hours of their time on the entertaining game. More »

Angry Birds, the strategy puzzle video game developed by Rovio Entertainment, is going to have its own theme park in the United Kingdom! The Angry Birds theme park is set to open next week. More »

Earlier this year Rovio’s Angry Birds hit space, they have followed NASA’s curiosity Rover to the Red Planet Mars. More »

This new Angry Bird isn’t that angry all the time, the new Pink Bird has a happy-go-lucky, bubble-blowing character, she will only show her angry side when she comes face to face with scheming pigs. More »

You can find Angry Birds plushes, t-shirts, fruit snacks, board games, and dozens of other items at stores, but the one thing you couldn’t get in a box was the actual game. More »

After becoming a hit with all game-lovers, Angry Birds has been taken to the next level and will be released as a smart TV app sometime in July!

More »

From Funsauce: It all makes sense now, doesn’t it? The Angry Birds were all cleverly derived from these Muppets pairings. More »

Angry Birds is set to arrive on high definition consoles, according to Activision. The Escapist were told by a spokesperson for Activision “We’ll have some news for you in about two weeks. Wait until you see Angry Birds on consoles in HD”. More »

Angry Birds might have spread its anger from virtual to reality through those plushies and t-shirts, but for Rovio Entertainment, that isn’t enough for the migration, because soon, they are going to be invading your wallets…in credit card form. More »

It seems like with each and every day, Angry Birds just keeps on getting more and more popular. What started out as just a game has turned into plushies, key chains, and even amusement parks. More »

From Funsauce: We all do this, and if we don’t? Well you can count on loosing that round! More »

We all thought that Angry Birds would remain as the number one app among iOS downloads, but it seems that the steadily popularity growing Draw Something has now surpassed it! More »

Okay, so maybe Angry Birds and Draw Something didn’t exist back in the 80’s, but here;s how it would look if it did! Ah, back in the days where children would still play outside, and video games were rarely made. More »

Wildly popular game Angry Birds has been quite a hit and that popularity will next itself as a theme park in Tampere, Finland. More »

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