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Two brand new DLC offerings make their way to PSN and Xbox Live this week. Slaughter fiends across six new environments, rest your level cap with Rebirth mode, and keep within par with Kill ‘Em Kindly mode. Check out the full details below. More »

From Ziggytek: “Adorable” is an inaccurate adjective to describe the USB Alien, but the BioShock Big Daddy and the Eve Hypo Syringe are cute. Any self-respecting geek should have these ThinkGeek toys at his/her desk. More »

Everyone loves cosplay! While I myself do not have the time or patience it takes to craft these real life adaptions of our favorite characters, I applaud those who do! In this feature we have collected some of the best and worst Bioshock cosplayers from around the ‘net. You think you’ve seen some ugly Splicers? Wait until you see some of these! More »

Look, I’m tired, it’s been a long day, and I found this cool video on the internet. Yeah, someone’s gone and carved a Big Daddy from Bioshock 2 (an Alpha Daddy! Not a Big Daddy! That’s what the loremaster in me says) out of a tree. They kind of look like Jason in the video, too, and the classic, terrifying strings music from the game doesn’t help, either. Actual video below the cut, and whatnot. More »

Can’t get enough Bioshock? Neither can we, that’s why we’ve compiled a gallery of cool gadgets, homemade crafts, licensed toys, along with some other great Bioshock related trinkets! So if you think LEGO Big Daddies, hand crafted Splicer masks, and replica EVE hypodermics sound cool this list is for you! More »

David and Goliath, King Kong and Beauty, Ben and Jerry, and now Big Daddy and Big Sister. Alright, they aren’t all perfect analogies, but you get the picture. When one great and powerful being is put up against a smaller, seemingly less enabled rival the end result isn’t always as expected. Sometimes the little guy or Big Sister in this case wins. Which Bioshock 2 beasty do you root for, Big Daddies or Big Sisters? More »

One thing I absolutely hate about collecting Trophies and Achievements in games is when I beat a game for the first time and I come up just shy of the “collect 100 of something” Achievement. It’s a pain because in most titles you are unable to collect trophies during your second play through if the Game+ feature is enabled. This forces you to find all 100 audio diaries again just to find the one you missed for the Trophy to unlock.This guide will help you get the most possible Achievements during your first play through, so you won’t have to be in agony scouring levels for your forgotten treasure. More »

So apparently Big Daddies are not only good at protecting little sisters and drilling your face off, they also have the time to compete in the Daytona 500. If you look closely at all the cars driving around in a circle this Sunday (because it is obvious every videogame player is also a huge NASCAR fanatic) you will be able to spot the Gamestop sponsered number 20 car. Though the art will change every race this season, today we get a big slice of daddy straight from the depths of Rapture to rock around that circle. More »

With Bioshock 2, developers at Irrational Games wanted to step up their combat formula by allowing users to wield dual weapons. Players no longer have to swap between plasmids and firearms because Big Daddies can multitask allowing them to deploy both simultaneously. There are over 80 different combinations possible through mixing the 10 plasmids with the 8 firearms. Which marriage of plasmid and gun is your favorite? More »

You might be able to get away with making morally reprehensible decisions without drawing much attention in games like Mass Effect and inFamous, but not in Bioshock. If you’re one of those types that sacrifices defenseless Little Sisters just for an added ADAM boost I have little hope for your soul in the afterlife. More »

Didn’t have the funds to pick up the special edition of Bioshock 2? No problem Wirebot has you covered with a special unboxing video. Take a peak inside to get a glimpse of the art book, soundtracks, posters, and holographic game cover that are exclusive to this limited edition. You’ll even get a chance to hear the 180g vinyl in action! Without further ado, here’s your Bioshock 2: Special Edition video footage. More »

Is juggling Plasmids and Tommy-guns a bit too difficult? Can you only keep control of that whiney brat of a Little Sister for a few seconds? Well then you’re in luck, simply follow our beginners tips and you’ll be shooting Splicers silly and choke slamming Little Sisters into submission. More »

The first thing I had to try out with Bioshock 2 was its online multiplayer. I loved the original Bioshock and couldn’t quite wrap my head around how they were going to pull of Splicers and Big Daddies going at it Call of Duty style. I was skeptical to say the least, but after a couple hours of playing I’m a bit embarrassed I ever doubted the gods at Irrational Games. More »

Dear diary,

I met a guy today. His name is Jack, and there’s something about him. He seems like a nice guy… but his eyes betray that he’s been through a lot. We really hit it off. There was chemistry there, you know? And guess what! He asked me out for Valentine’s Day! I hope something good will come from this. I’m so giddy!

— Dear diary,

Today was my date with Jack. We went to a nice restaurant that had a big aquarium along one wall. I though it was a nice touch, but Jack kept fidgeting and eyeing it. He practically begged me to be seated far from it. He kept glancing at it all through the evening. More »

Slotted for February 9th, 2010, Bioshock 2 is bringing some big changes to the table as well as some more sinister evils. Rapture has gone through some big changes since Jack left with all the little sisters he could carry and the underwater utopia has now become a slithering cesspool of mad science and plasmid testing. This title has characters controlling Big Daddies themselves and while you would think you are the baddest “mofo” this side of the coral wall you would be wrong, prepare to say hello to a “Big Sister.” More »

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