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If you’ve ever been curious to how Bioshock would look if it was ’shoujo’ed up anime style, wonder no more! More »

New games are released every week, so every week we compile a list of these new games, just for you. There are 2 upcoming game releases this week so read on to find out more about the games: More »

Back in March, it was announced that BioShock Infinite would be hitting shelves in October, but the game has now been pushed out of 2012 and all the way back to February 2013. More »

If you haven’t preordered your First Edition of the PS Vita bundle, I’m sorry to say it’s too late. This is very good news for Sony, however! More »

For the Guiness World Records 2012 Gamer’s Edition book, fans have done some hardcore voting for their favorite games. Collecting 13,519 votes, the results for the “definitive list of the greatest video game endings of all time.” More »

Fans have been highly anticipating BioShock getting made into a movie adaptation and Ken Levine recently gave fans an update on where the movie adaptation stands. Now, it seems like a movie teaser trailer has been released, but wait… More »

Its been a while since we last heard about Bioshock, and to update fans as to what is currently happening with the future movie adaption, the creator of the game, Ken Levine decided to spare some time to tell us some new updates. More »

BioShock Infinite, the third of the popular, first-person shooter BioShock series, is now more focused on physics rather than gene splicing, as it is going for more of an Erik Larson’s Devil in the White City feel. Ken Levine and the team at Irrational Games are also changing up the game’s dependence on certain weapons: More »

Halloween is coming up, so I guess now would be the best time to compile a list of a couple of the scariest games of the past few years. Horror games are different in comparison to other games in that you are usually given limited resources, and must face off againt gruesome monsters. What better way to spend Halloween then playing these games at 3AM with the lights off? More »

- Hydrophobia: Prophecy and Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle are 75% and 67% off respectively on Steam.

- is offering a free HDMI cable for each purchase of a DUALSHOCK3 wireless controller for the PS3. More »

Lego recreations continue to amaze me with their awesomeness and this one is no exception. Lego sculptor Imagine Rigney has gone and recreated BioShock’s Rapture into its lego-pixelated form. More »

Bioshock creator Ken Levine revealed back in August his verdict on the possibility of multiplayer in upcoming threequel Bioshock: Infinite. He’d revealed “It’s what we said about BioShock One: We have not made any determinations about multiplayer.” More »

Gameinformer decided to reveal its December Issue Covers (the above image is only one of three different designs), with the featured article of the top 30 characters that defined this decade. Gameinformer enlisted Sam Spratt as their artist for this incredible triptych display of the heroes and heroines from 2000-2010.

More »

Bioshock creators Irrational Games has promised that the upcoming BioShock Infinite for PS3 will not suffer in quality as did the original BioShock. Find out why below. More »

Have you ever stopped to think about the kind of games that get the novel treatment? Well I have and I’ve found that the only games that get turned books are First Person Shooters and fantasy MMOs. Weird, right? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Here are a few games that we would love to see get the paperback treatment. More »

2010’s half way mark came and went faster than it’s taken us to beat some of this year’s hottest titles. The years brought us some great games (ModNation Racers) and a few stinkers as well (Rouge Warrior). We want to here from all of you on what your favorite (and not so favorite) games of the year (so far) have been. More »

Many people believe that the original version of anything is the greatest. Maybe it’s because the idea was fresh at the time or because it was the first of its kind to ever do something that it did. Whatever the reason, when the sequel comes out there will be a lot of haters even if the sequel does a great job. In this column we decide once and for all which is better, original or sequel. This week’s show down is between Bioshock and Bioshock 2. More »

XCOM, the latest game from Bioshock developer 2K Marine unleashes its first trailer onto the world. Catch it after the jump. More »

Let’s face it, online multiplayer is the new co-op mode, every game nowadays comes packaged with some form of online multiplayer. Each game attempts online multiplayer in their own way, sometimes it’s rounds of team deathmatch, other times it’s time trials, but one thing always remains a constant: it will suck away every moment of your free time and destroy your social life. Eh, free time and friends are overrated, what online multiplayer is keeping you busy? More »

Everyone loves cosplay! While I myself do not have the time or patience it takes to craft these real life adaptions of our favorite characters, I applaud those who do! In this feature we have collected some of the best and worst Bioshock cosplayers from around the ‘net. You think you’ve seen some ugly Splicers? Wait until you see some of these! More »

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