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Last week we launched a Falling in Love with EA Games giveaway wherein three lucky winners had a chance at winning their choice of Mass Effect 2, Dante’s Inferno, and Battlefield 2: Bad Company. The giveaway has since ended and now it’s time to announce our lucky winners. Drum roll, please. More »

Dante’s Inferno created such an uproar from everyone before it was released. Some were outraged at the controversial content and way in which it was advertised. Others were excited by the prospect of such an epic game, which drew inspiration from an equally epic book. Still others couldn’t wait to get through all the different levels and sins of the underworld.

Unfortunately, the game is all talk, and does not live up to expectations. More »

No, I don’t literally mean cheese is involved. Though some cheddar would be nice right now, this kind of cheese comes with this quote:

Fate has brought me here, I hope for nothing, I fear nothing!. More »

Having not ever read Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy I was excited to finally see what all the fuss was about. While this might not be the best representation of the 12th Century poet, I found it to be a pleasurable experience none the less. Before I go any further I must admit that even though Visceral Games did an astonishing job at reviving the survival horror genre with Dead Space, I feared that not even they could adapt an epic poem into an entertaining video game franchise. With that said, the God of War style combat is intriguing, so I sat down with the Animated Epic in hopes that I wouldn’t be totally lost when I finally get my hands on the game. More »

February 9, 2010 is an epic day for gaming. It’s the day we finally get the chance to unload our bolt gun on strung out splicers inhabiting Rapture’s crumbling metropolis in Bioshock 2. While a return to Rapture is exciting , it’s not the only February 9th release worth mentioning. Camping alongside you at thousands of midnight launch parities will be hordes of hell bound gamers eagerly awaiting the release of Dante’s Inferno. Most likely you already have your mind made up, but before you commit your hard earned $60 check out our Pros and Cons for this weeks Tuesday Showdown! More »

Wirebot has the latest scoop on the February 2010 edition of PSN’s digital magazine Qore. Episode 21 main events are a behind the scenes look at Yakuza 3, multiplayer footage of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and a detailed breakdown of Resonance of Fate’s Tri-attack battle system. In this issue you’ll also find The Official Playstation Magazine’s top 10 upcoming games of 2010, a collection if suggested Valentines Day Blu-rays, and the usual monthly PS3 and Blu-ray release guide. In the download center purchasers will be able to download 2 free themes featuring Yakuza 3 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Continue after the jump to see if this month’s issue is worth of your $3. More »

Dante’s Inferno isn’t actually out yet but you wouldn’t think that to look at EA’s marketing machine. While a game based on classical literature doesn’t sound like everybody’s cup of tea, buzz around the business is that this is going to be one of EA’s hits of 2010. From the studio that hit it big last year with Dead Space, Dante’s Inferno has also had the support power of EA’s creative, influential and ultimately well-funded marketing department. They’ve been doing some weird stuff - sending out packages representative of the seven sins to game reveiwers, for instance - but nothing quite as expensive, or hopefully as market-capturing, as their incoming Superbowl Ad. Industry Gamers recently sat down with the executive producer of Visceral Games, Jonathan Knight, to talk. More »

From Ningin: Love is patient, love is kind. Love is not envious, boastful, arrogant or rude…but it sure is generous! If you thought the love ended with all the great editorial specials we have across the Mixr network this month, you’re wrong. We love you so much, we kind of want to be your sugar daddy/sugar mama. How so? We’ve got plenty of opportunities to win cool prizes across the Mixr Network this month! More »

EA Games has some impressive stuff out now and more in the next few weeks like: Mass Effect 2, Dante’s Inferno, and Battlefield 2: Bad Company. This February, we’re giving three lucky people a chance to own one of these games. Well, people who own XBOX 360s. On to the details: More »

Bayonetta or Darksiders? MAG or Mass Effect 2? Dante’s Inferno or Bioshock 2? These are the impossible decisions gamers face on a daily basis. Multiple great games being released on the same date breaks our collective heart, yet publishers continue to match up 2 great titles week after week. My question for you is how do you decide? More »

I’ve been extremely skeptical about how good the new Dante’s Inferno for PS3 is going to be. Mostly this was because of the extreme over-hyping it’s been getting. There was so much about how controvercial the game will be, but so little about the actual game. I recently downloaded the 7 Developer Diaries from the PSN. The diaries discuss features and aspects of the new video game… one circle of Hell at a time. More »

2010 is going to be a year of sequels. We’ve gotten a jump start for this with Assassin’s Creed 2 and Modern Warfare 2, and the list will only take off from there. Next year promises us another Final Fantasy game, another Castlevania game, another Bioshock game and so many more. But there are plenty of games set for release in 2010 that do not have any numbers after their names.

Here are 12 brand new games to celebrate a brand new decade. More »

The game Dante’s Inferno (for PS3) is based on the Epic Poem Dante’s Inferno… seems redundant to state this, doesn’t it? The book is a classic: it has epic scenes and descriptions of the 9 circles of hell, crazy monsters and demons, detailed descriptions of the sinners and their punishments, and just overall a crazy amount of STUFF to pack into a video game. And everyone has probably heard of the video game by now, thanks to the not-so-conventional methods of advertising that Dante’s Inferno (the game) is using.


You should have known there would be a but. And here it is: After playing the demo, it’s clear that the game takes some liberties and changes things around in the original story. More »

The Nintendo Wii is bringing families closer together by providing them with good, clean, family fun. Now the Wii takes it a step further - Mass: We Pray is a game that lets the whole family enjoy the fun of Sunday Mass… from home! Whip it out any day of the week and take part in fulfilling and spiritually fulfilling games. “Bring your family closer. To Heaven.” More »

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