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A French Sony employee leaked some details regarding what Sony has for their E3 line-up. There aren’t any specific games, but the leak has a little more detail then you’d expect. It mentions rumours for the NGP, Metal Gear, a possible involvement with Bungie, and more. Although these are just rumours, and seem too good to be true, the French Sony employee apparently also leaked some of E3 2009’s line-up– which was accurate. So one can only hope for now. More »

Nintendo hasn’t played the field with its full potential yet so it’s easy to expect a new console from the company at the E3 2011 that’s coming in June. The industry analyst who easily predicted this is Arvind Bhatia. More »

When Sony announced it wasn’t going to stop updated classic PS2 games with HD graphics they weren’t lying. At E3 we got our first look at the second group of titles getting revamped with the unveiling of the Sly Cooper Collection (the first being the God of War Collection). It appears that Amazon France has leaked the next batch of PS2 updates and they’re coming from Ubisoft. More »

Looks like Activision’s been on a roll lately. Less than two months ago at June’s E3, the company proudly announced that their hit shooter Call of Duty had sold 20 million units. A few days ago, the company tucked yet another admirable achievement under their belt–not only has Call of Duty surpassed 20 million units, its downloadable map packs have hurdled over that number as well. More »

While 3D gaming might not be what gamers want, it is apparently what developers want. Even Square-Enix, legendary JRPG studio, are working on ways to bring 3D to their titles. First up is Final Fantasy XIV on PC. Grab some comfortable nose pads and strap on your 3D shades because this is going to be a long ride. More »

Legendary comic book publisher, Marvel, has teamed up with Little Big Planet to bring you 20 of your favorite super heroes and villains. More »

Quick Time Events have been frowned upon as a cheap gameplay mechanic since God of War popularized it so long ago. Today QTEs becomes cool again with the revolutionary new boob controller. Go ahead, mash those buttons! More »

We covered MotorStorm: Apocalypse back when it was just a rumor, now that it’s a reality come check out the trailer in all its building crumbling glory. More »

What was the best trailer of E3? Halo: Reach. Why? Interstellar dog fights. Catch one of E3’s biggest surprises below in the newest Halo: Reach trailer. More »

OnLive, the cloud streaming next gen gaming system, can run on a plethora of platforms, but none are as groundbreaking as the iPad. If you want to see what the future of gaming could look like, watch the video below. More »

Among the dozens of sequels announced at E3 this year, Trine 2 stood out as the most anticipated downloadable follow-up. Catch the debut trailer for Trine 2 below and learn all about the tweaks being made to this ever-popular puzzle platformer. More »

When Gameloft announces games they do it in a big way. At this year’s E3 they showed off 12 new games for the iPhone and iPad. Find out which Gameloft originals are getting sequels and who the next comic book hero will be that gets its own iPhone game. More »

The big 3 (Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo) weren’t the only companies showing off games at E3 this year. For the first time ever mobile games have been given equal treatment at E3 with a section of the showroom dedicated to nothing but upcoming mobile releases and it paid off big time. Amongst the many games announced, Sqaure-Enix’s announcement that they were bringing Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of Lions and Secret of Mana to the iPhone may have taken the cake. More »

We have everything you need to know from Nintendo’s E3 press conference. Donkey Kong, Kirby, Mario, and Kid Icarus all make appearances. Don’t be the last to know, check out everything worth mentioning below. More »

Here’s some of what was revealed about the 3DS at the Nintendo press conference this morning, pretty exciting stuff! More »

A quick recap of everything Microsoft announced during their 2010 E3 press conference. Find out which games were showcased, how well Kinect functioned, and whether or not it was special enough to outshine what Nintendo and Sony have planned for this week. More »

Tomorrow could be the day that we get an official release date for Sony’s exclusive elite racer Gran Turismo 5. Until then check out this jaw dropping E3 trailer to hold you over. More »

XCOM, the latest game from Bioshock developer 2K Marine unleashes its first trailer onto the world. Catch it after the jump. More »

Whether you’re at home, work, or driving in your car this week we have a place where you can watch the live E3 coverage. Come read our complete E3 survival guide and make sure you don’t miss a single announcement. More »

Gamespot’s E3 floor plan revealed a little too much today when it spilled the beans on some of E3’s biggest surprise sequels. More »

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