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The final chapter of Final Fantasy XIII is coming this year with LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII, and Square Enix have revealed an extended version of their First Look trailer and a number of screenshots to get gamers excited. More »

Square Enix has officially unleashed the trailer for the final chapter of Final Fantasy XIII, LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII and along with it a slightly longer trailer for Jump Festa 2012. Check it out. More »

The Final Fantasy XIII story isn’t over just yet, but it will come to an end in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. More »

For those of you who may have skipped Final Fantasy XIII or just plain forget what happens, as well as fans of it, watch this humourous recap rap video! More »

Final Fantasy XIII-2’s Lightning, who first appeared in Final Fantasy XIII, is a character that is much loved by fans and those fans should be excited to know that Square Enix is prepping for a huge download content for the character. More »

Good news for those waiting for the release date of Final Fantasy XIII-2! The finish is near, the release date to be announced soon! The game stands at 90% finished and excited fans will be able to hear the release date at this week’s Tokyo Game Show. More »

Many of you gamers out there probably know about the famous game, Final Fantasy Versus XIII. And some of you are very psyched about it when it comes out, but are disappointed when it is pushed back. Perhaps next year, that will no longer be the case. More »

Lightning may be gone for most of Final Fantasy XIII-2 after disappearing in Final Fantasy XIII, but it seems like she has made a reappearance. In the form of a figurine! More »

We have seen the most annoying and the most attractive video game characters, but what about the cutest? The ones we just want to grab hold of and cuddle to sleep? Well I’ve made a list of 10 game characters I think are adorable! More »

In every successful game, there must be one essential lead character and one sexy female character. The supporting female character plays a significant role in either, heightening the protagonist’s skills or creating the downfall in which the protagonist slowly succumbs to. Whatever role the female may play, they are undeniably beautiful in their own way. More »

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It’s kind of a no-brainer that if you mention epic RPGs, Final Fantasy is bound to come up. Square Enix has just announced that they’ve been able to reach their goal of 6 million units sold for Final Fantasy XIII, further exemplifying the franchise’s strong popularity. More »

If you’re looking for a gift for a friend or Father’s Day, you might want to check out some discounts on, including the detective game “LA Noire” for PS3. More »

- is offering Student Members a free Xbox 360 when they purchase a PC. More details are here. has many sales on used games and discounts on new games here. More »

Excuse the terrible quality, (Square Enix promises an HD version out on the 27th) but someone has managed to translate the latest Versus trailer. The trailer shows a lot (and I do mean a lot) more gameplay. This is worth checking out. More »

That’s right, Final Fantasy XIII is getting a sequel. As revealed in Square Enix’s 1st Production Department Premier Media, Square is letting out a whole bag full of goodies for the upcoming year. In addition, FFXIII-2 will be heading for the PS3 and xbox360. More »

Formerly known as Final Fantasy XIII Agito, Type-0 just premiered at the Square Enix 1st Production Departmental Premier. It’s going to release for PSP this summer, and its trailer packs quite a punch. Final Fantasy looks like its going to have a good year. More »

Above is a screenshot of the Japanese Square Enix store. And what’s missing underneath Agito’ and Versus‘ thumbnail? A little box that would otherwise disprove their exclusivity to the Sony consoles. More »

For an unexplained, but awesome reason, Amazon is currently selling Final Fantasy XIII for only $19.99! That’s 60% off its retail price of $49.99. What a steal. More »

2010’s half way mark came and went faster than it’s taken us to beat some of this year’s hottest titles. The years brought us some great games (ModNation Racers) and a few stinkers as well (Rouge Warrior). We want to here from all of you on what your favorite (and not so favorite) games of the year (so far) have been. More »

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