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Developers of Warface have confirmed that over five million users are now clocked onto the game in Russia. That was when Crytek announced at the same time that over two million registered users had also been taken on the area as of July 2012. More »

Statistics prove! I guess some of you guys might want to start gaming even harder if you want to find yourself a girl friend. More »

Did you hear the one about how guys who play videogames can’t get a date? Or the one about how all gamers are socially-inept manchildren who can’t make contact with girls if they tried? How about the one where girls apparently don’t play videogames? All these implied messages and more are included with the all-new, all-exploitive, stereotype-reinforcing services of GameCrush - the online E-Escort services that charges $8.25 and all of your dignity, per game. More »

I guarantee you I know the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 maps so well that I could draw you a hand sketched replicas of Favela, Terminal, and whatever other map you can think of. I also able to recite the music facts on Rock Band loading screens verbatim. Does this mean I’m spending way too much time playing video games? Maybe, but if executed properly video games could benefit society’s education. More »

From Ningin: Want to kill some time online? Geeks like me who favor MMORPGs will appreciate the comedy web series “The Guild,” which follows the on and offline lives of six gamers who play together as a guild. The ongoing story is narrated by the female lead, Syd, in-game name “Codex.” Season one opens with Codex being “dumped” by her therapist for refusing to kick her gaming habit, immediately followed by her guildmate Zaboo appearing on her doorstep to profess his undying- and unwanted- love. More »

This is what it's like to be in a car without being in a car. Who would have thought.

Up until now, gamers have been able to stay at home and play virtual sports and racing games that simulated being real. Now, a new system is being developed that will allow players to play virtual sports and racing games that ARE real. More »

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