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There are many games out there that can deliver a cinematic experience. However, Tomb Raider can do it slightly better. The camera work for the new Tomb Raider is very thoughtful. Different angles, views, and varying depth perception combined with the music can create jaw dropping experiences and sometimes very emotional experiences. Check out these screen shots! More »

The Global Brand Directior for Crystal Dynamics, Karl Stewart, recently answered some interesting questions on the official Tomb Raider Twitter account and revealed quite a lot of spoilers for the upcoming gameplay. One of the more noticeable spoilers include the removal of aquatic explorations. More »

In every successful game, there must be one essential lead character and one sexy female character. The supporting female character plays a significant role in either, heightening the protagonist’s skills or creating the downfall in which the protagonist slowly succumbs to. Whatever role the female may play, they are undeniably beautiful in their own way. More »

So the new reboot of Lara Croft gets a pretty amazing segment featuring an amateur, not as boobtastic, young woman who finds herself in a mysterious and creepy cave. Oh yeah, it opens more like a survival horror then adventure thriller. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this side of her before - she’s quite vulnerable and scared. Nothing like the older gal who was more of a James Bond. More »

Tomb Raider is the game that made heroines popular. Lara Croft was a graceful jumper, capable of clearing chasms with ease and avoiding boulders, arrows, and anything else that got in her way. She also was quite the looker and helped pave the way for the sexy video game heroine with her dangerous curves and her trademark half-grin she would wear in the face of danger. More »

Lara Croft’s rough and tough facade has certainly taken it’s toll on her physical appearance. She may seem like the ultimate hero image for women everywhere, but throughout her games, even with her short shorts and tight shirt, she hasn’t gotten a scratch on her. After all, she’s only human. Steering away from her sex appeal image, they take her to a new extreme. As you can see from the photo above, she looks like she has had it. Could they have taken this too far? But come on, after all she’s been through, this image is actually quite decent at portraying it. More »

Lara Croft has been through many changes throughout the years. She’s come from looking quite cartoon-like to a realistic figure in gaming. Most of them have just been minor, but now, the voice of the character herself has been handed over. More »

Forget everything you knew about Lara Croft. It is confirmed– the new Tomb Raider from Cyrstal Dynamics will retell the origins of Lara Croft. The game will charter the journey of an ordinary woman, who will find out “just how far she must go in order to stay alive”. More »

Last year, there was a rumor that there was going to be a Tomb Raider reboot, where a young Lara Croft would be shipwrecked and forsaken on an island. The rumor may be the real deal because a teaser illustration for the next issue of Game Informer showed an image of such a shipwreck and the words ‘A Survivor is Born’. More »

Nothing beats the hot summer sun like beautiful girls in bikinis. Since this summer has been a scorcher, we thought we would cool things down with a top 9 list of the hottest gaming girls. Oh, and since it’s summertime we’re going to try our best to find pics of them in their bikinis! Here’s our #1 pick! More »

Leaks have been springing up all over at Crystal Dynamics. The newest one reveals a Tomb Raider reboot that follows “a young and inexperienced” Lara as she learns the ropes while exploring the shores of Japan. For the full details and a look at some stunning concept art, make the jump. More »

Showbix Spy is reporting that Kim Kardashian is being considered to play Lara Croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot. More »

With E3 right around the corner Sony’s Playstation Move will undoubtedly get a much firmer release date than Fall 2010. In anticipation for what Sony will show off during its Move-centric presentation here is our Top 5 Playstation Move Game Wish list! More »

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