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Tencent Games and Capcom have announced Monster Hunter Online with the release of a trailer and screenshots. More »

Hallyu, aka the Korean Wave, had flooded the entire globe with their catchy music. What wasn’t expected, was that the wave had even washed over to the Online gaming industries, which are starting to advance to other countries in the U.S and Europe, and many has topped gaming lists many times as well. More »

While 3D gaming might not be what gamers want, it is apparently what developers want. Even Square-Enix, legendary JRPG studio, are working on ways to bring 3D to their titles. First up is Final Fantasy XIV on PC. Grab some comfortable nose pads and strap on your 3D shades because this is going to be a long ride. More »

The highly anticipated MMORPG from Square Enix, Final Fantasy XIV, is currently in alpha testing phases and is slated for a release sometime this year. IGN recently got word of the races and tribes that will be available upon release. More »

Since its first announcement, I have been very excited about the Star Wars: Old Republic MMO. The endless potential that Bioware can bring to the table with this game will be amazing. Aside from all the good things I was thinking, the one question that stuck out in my mind was why anyone would want to play as anything except a Jedi? Sure, Han Solo is cool and all, but its not like a special power would be witty wise cracks or good looks. Thankfully, Joystiq had the same question as me and gave me some of the answers I was looking for. More »

Not all news relating to World of Warcraft has to do with morbid obesity, teenagers with poor social skills, and video game addiction. The media often reports sensationalized stories on MMOs when they need an easy target to pick on. But I seriously doubt they can put a negative spin on the $1.1M donation Blizzard Entertainment made to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. More »

I decided I would finally take a fall into the World of Warcraft. All my friends play it, everyone I know plays it, hell I am even convinced that most of you play it. I developed the “if you can’t beat em, join em,” attitude and took the plunge into the world of Dwarves and Blood Elves. After my extensive overview and tinkering around with different characters and skill sets I have come to one staggering conclusion about the game itself. More »

Log. Day 1.

I have traveled through many worlds in the past. The land of Atlantica was so fearsome I had to recruit a number of mercenaries to accompany me. The world of Maplestory confined me to moving only left or right and had harsh penalties for dying. But nothing has prepared me for what I have faced today. Today, I entered the world of Dragonica, also known as El Grego. More »

If you’re looking for a typical MMO, stop reading now.

Still here? Well… you’ve been warned.

I had heard of Dragonica Online before. I’d even written about it when it was still in its closed beta stage. But I’m not sure what I expected going into a guided tour of the game in honor of Dekard, the new server opening on January 26. I had been provided with an account name, which I found had two level 28 characters, a priest and a warrior. I chose the warrior (mostly because he had butterfly wings and a really cool looking sword) and logged on to play around a little. I was soon joined by Abby Olivia (Communications), Chris Lena (Producer), and Evan Lobenstein (Community Manager) - both in game and over the phone.

And thus began the misadventures and failings of WarMike, my temporary character. More »

Some video games are just asking for a spoof to be made of them. And some of these video game spoofs are created with such great writing and acting that they become classics on their own.

You might have seen these. If you have, pat yourself on the back and keep compulsively checking if there are any new episodes. If you haven’t, read up… because you’re missing out!

More »

It’s a new year, a new decade - but an MMO gamer’s life is not complete without a quest to occupy them. Unfortunately if you go around killing wild deer and innocent piles of jello in real life you will probably get in trouble and (even worse!) would not get any loots. So we need a different kind of quest: we need new years resolutions. More »

Christmas is here, literally, knocking on our door and you may be one of those frantic people who rushes out on Christmas Eve to purchase a last minute gift for a friend you may have left out or who just enjoys being in massive groups of angry people. Whatever your mantra is, you may be surprised to know that there are gaming gifts you can get from the comfort of your own home, and better yet you can get them INSTANTLY. Talk about JUST in time for Christmas. More »

Dear Gaming God(s),

Hi! Remember me? It’s Jeffery. I just wanted to let you know that I had another wish for Christmas. I hope I’ve been a good boy this year, because this is quite the wish. Ready? Well here it goes. I wish for a legit official 3d Poke’mon MMORPG from Nintendo. I would not be ashamed at all to play a game like that, and More »

It all started ten years ago. I was a young impressionable lad. I walked over to my cousin’s house to play some Goldeneye or Star Fox on the Nintendo 64. He wasn’t in his usual permanently-indented sofa position, but I could hear noise in his room. I walked in to find a brand new PC and his eyes glued to the screen. “Everquest”. At that point I had no idea what was going on, but I knew I had to have it. More »

Another massive franchise is taking the adventure online for all to come and be apart of: Atari games is launching “Stark Trek Online” in early 2010. More »

The Old Republic” is still without a tentative release date, but at least they have 2010 picked out. More »

Turkeys are awesome. They’re bigger, more aggressive, and weirder looking than chickens. And, contrary to popular belief, wild turkeys can fly (and domestic turkeys can too. Unless they’re fat. Seriously). What other animal do you know has a wattle and a snood?

But show this disgustingly awesome looking bird to anyone and all they can think of is stuffing it into the oven and their mouths (hopefully in that order). Thanksgiving has tainted our view of the turkey forever. Because of Thanksgiving, the chickens have gotten all the glory, in life and in video games. More »

You’ve heard what Jeff has to say about World of Warcraft - now it’s my turn to prove that Perfect World International is 10 times better than WoW. More »

I’ll go ahead and tell you how pumped I was for this MMO titled World of Warcraft before I even got to play it. I remember installing it on my computer for the first time only to realize that my computer did not meet the graphics requirement of WoW in 2004. Deprived from what would later consume over 3 and 1/2 years of my life, I spent the next half year waiting for my new computer (that I bought just to play WoW with) and reading the strategy guide everyday. I probably ran through that book over 10 times.

Sad right? But what is it that makes WoW a game that someone like me would be willing to go so far for? Rather, the question should be, what doesn’t make WoW a game that gamers would be willing to go over the edge for? Here’s my side of the feud More »

From Ningin: Want to kill some time online? Geeks like me who favor MMORPGs will appreciate the comedy web series “The Guild,” which follows the on and offline lives of six gamers who play together as a guild. The ongoing story is narrated by the female lead, Syd, in-game name “Codex.” Season one opens with Codex being “dumped” by her therapist for refusing to kick her gaming habit, immediately followed by her guildmate Zaboo appearing on her doorstep to profess his undying- and unwanted- love. More »

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