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With a starting bid at $1 million euros, a collector offered his entire catalog of video games for Nintendo systems including the NES/Famicom to the GameCube, plus the full lineup of every game released on any Sega system - all of them in the box with original instructions. More »

A gamer who fancies themselves a minimalist will enjoy today’s Photo of the Day of a Nintendo 64 controller. It looks like perfect print to hang up on the wall, don’t you think? More »

Keenan Bosworth sure knows how to make amazing presents. For his friend’s birthday, he created a coffee table with the Nintendo 64 logo as it’s base. Seriously, that is one lucky friend. The table looks extremely professional and well made. Bosworth uploaded several photos of the work in progress. More »

That’s right now you can order posters that depict some settings from the Zelda game, Ocarina of Time.Who wouldn’t want to wake up feeling like they are in Kokiri Forest? More »

Flash games are great, but to hardcore gamers they are sometimes viewed as the bastard children of their favorite hobby, only being played by casual internet dwellers looking to pass the time. There was once a time when I subscribed to this very same philosophy, that was until I’ve played the high quality flash games from sites like Mochi games and Play Online. But if you are still on the fence about Flash games check out these Flash remakes of some of your favorite Nintendo classics. More »

Two years ago my husband gave me the best Christmas present ever - his old N64. Unfortunately, he had sold most of his games, but I’m slowly rebuilding the collection. Why? Because so many people my age have memories of the N64 from when they were kids. Practically no one plays it anymore, but no one wants to sell their games, either. They just can’t part with their childhood memories. I never had an N64 before… and I want memories too! More »

I will say it right now, Tony Hawk revolutionized sports video games. He made the first true skateboarding videogame, he made one of the most fun games for the Nintendo64/PS1 (which some may argue continued into recent years…) and lastly he brought tons of new people to video games using his celebrity status to promote sales. For seven years he ruled the market, releasing fourteen (!!) games until 2007. Right now you’re thinking, he has definitely released games since 2007. You are right. The only problem is that you are an absolute fool to have actually paid for any of them. More »

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