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Let’s cut out from all this smaltzy Christmas/New Years stuff and pseudo-incesteous MixR cross-blog promotional junk for a moment and focus on what’s really important: me. I recently set out on a family road trip and headed down South cross-state to the artsy city of Melbourne, and - as a natural consequence - had to leave behind almost all of my gaming stuff - my PC, my 360, my Wii. Which, as any of you who have been forced to go kicking and screaming on a family vacation will know, is a devastating loss you will feel in your heart of hearts for the entire vacation, thereby ruining any chance you ever had of enjoying your holiday. But they can’t stop the games that occur in your head. Or on your Nintendo DS, either. More »

In all honesty, 2009 was not the music game genre’s best year. With a market completely overflowing with options, nobody knew what to buy and sales dropped almost 50% from 2008. According to my calculations, there were eight games released just by the two major parties (Activision’s Guitar Hero series and Harmonix’s Rock Band series), and this is not even including karaoke games and any third party developed games that didn’t make a mark on the sales charts. Last year in 2008, music game’s exploded over anybodies expectations and sales soared above what many stock groups anticipated, so it’s completely understandable this year gave a drop. A Wedbush Morgan analyst expects the category will level off at about $500-$600 million dollars per year, which he called a “nice, healthy genre on par with the “Call of Duty” action-game franchise.” More »

2009 was the year for many things. Vampires became popular, causing a huge decline in tanning salon stock. Futurama went back into production, Bender’s back, baby! I found out what a Zhu Zhu pet was — it’s a robot hamster by the way. And I think something major may have happened in the Golf world, eh, it was probably nothing. But this is a video game blog so lets skip the pop culture lesson and look at the gaming trends that shaped 2009. More »

Even though last month marked the second-best November in video game sales history, numbers were still down 7% from the same time last year. November 2008 saw the release of Gears of War 2, Call of Duty: World at War, and Left 4 Dead, none of which sold an extraordinary amount of copies, but were assisted by ongoing sales from Wii Fit, Wii Play, and Mario Kart. More »

Ever wondered who would win in a battle that is only on par with the Cloud and Sephiroth showdown? Thanks to the magic of Youtube, we can now find out what would happen in the wonderful world of puzzle action game, Scribblenauts. W00t! More »

At first I got excited when I saw that Disney Interactive Studios will be releasing a video game version of A Christmas Carol for the Nintendo DS. More »

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