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The Chinese World of Warcraft operator NetEase has just revealed its Q3 revenue for the year, showing that World of Warcraft is currently doing extremely well in China with rising profits. More »

The IGN StarCraft II Pro League Season 2 has reached the Finals, as only 3 players are remaining. In the past month and a half, thousands of qualifying players were cut down to only 32 in the final week. More »

Footwear customizers, Diversitile made these awesomely creative Starcraft-themed sneakers. More »

Blizzard Entertainment has stated that regional linking will be coming to StarCraft 2. This will allow users to more easily connect with those in their regions. More »

A new announcement from Blizzard Entertainment has announced that the Korean Global StarCraft 2 League (GSL) will be having their October finals at Blizzcon this year! More »

Today’s Photo of the Day, courtesy of stupidliarinlove, only wants to proclaim the strong bond of love between a probe and its pylon. Starcraft affection is such a beautiful thing. More »

I will forever envy those who have a knack for constructing things in general. In this particular case, my mind was blown away by the details and how real these Star Craft 2 paper sculptures look! They are not digital models or animations, unlike what it may seem. As this game is popular especially in South Korea, I can imagine Star Craft “worshipers” such as KPop group Super Junior’s gamer Kyuhyun falling in love with these models at first sight. More »

If you play both StarCraft 2 and WoW (World of Warcraft) you can pretty much forget about this post. However, if you are only a Starcraft 2 player with an active account, Blizzard is now giving you the chance to have a 30-day free WoW account. The accounts on have recently been activated so SC2 players can have a free WoW trial! More »

This just might be the most adorable tutorial for Starcraft II ever made! The title really says it all - except for how insanely cute the 4 year old is. You can check out the video of a dad walking his little girl through the basics of the game below! More »

The second recent female gaming tournament of StarCraft II, ESL EU, had some tough competition but of course the battle had to have a dominant winner. Taiwan multi-idol Linda ‘Pikachu’ Liao not only proves that she has talents in singer, acting and MCing, but also having skills in StarCraft. More »

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how popular StarCraft II is, so it should come as no surprise that StarCraft II set a record for most data transferred on BitTorrent. In case you weren’t aware, that’s illegal. More »

If you look up Dallas Pro Circuit, you might be surprised to find that none of the results mention horse racing. No, this weekend the Dallas Pro Circuit will pit the best of the best against each other, in StarCraft 2. More »

Blizzard have already filed a lawsuit in South Korea against MBCPlus Media for broadcasting StarCraft: Brood War leagues and tournaments without permission, now Blizzard are at it again as they have sued OnGameNetwork (OGN) for broadcasting unauthorized Brood War league. More »

Dear Diary,

It appears that Blizzard has updated their top 200 chart in North America again. It looks like some shifting around has been done, but the master still reigns supreme, and that is SeleCT. HuK definitely made a huge transition, however, and is now up to rank 2 in the charts. I definitely think they are deserving of that place up there. More »

Ever read a StarCraft fanfic and thought that you wanted to see a film of it? Blizzard’s RTS on Youtube is the only way of making the extremely popular game into any type of media film. Blizzard has been considering this for a while though, but wants the right person for the job, not just any old person.Someone like say…James Cameron. More »

Dear Diary,

Yeah ok so I’m a noob, and I didn’t really completely finish all the campaigns in the original Strarcraft. Lucky for me, Blizzard made the Starcraft II storyline understandable for just about anyone, even the newcomers to the Starcraft universe. The basic line up? More »

Dear Diary,

So as I was looking for a legit site for a ranking system for the top players in Starcraft II, little did I know I could have just checked the site for Starcraft II. They updated this quite a while ago, and they will refresh the list with the current top players in the North America every week. This is a helpful tool in looking for who to watch on YouTube when it comes to watching match replays. Oddly I didn’t find LiquidTLO though on this list, then again he’s playing Zerg in most of the matches I watch, and in my opinion, Zerg just plainly suck in the new Starcraft II. Only one of the top 15 players choose Zerg as their race. More »

Dear Diary,

As I find it necessary, I continue to watch many different videos and replays of fights between many different top Starcraft II players, but today I take note of one of the best Protoss player in North America, number 14 to be exact, and that is HuK. Of course, the best way for me to learn to better my technique as a player is to watch from the pros, so I watched some replays involving HuK, but found this one extremely interesting. More »

Dear Diary,

So there’s something intense I’ve found out on the Starcraft II campaign, even more than the Armory and Mercenaries sections, and that is Research. I always resented the Research portion of my Science Fair projects, but I can tell you it is SO worth it in Starcraft II. More »

Dear Diary,

Today I’m going to discuss a peculiar feature of the Starcraft II campaign mode. A great asset in your story mode missions, these semi-upgrades can prove to be of good use. Whether its to get you out of a tight situation when your units aren’t being produced fast enough, or if its just to add more Pow! to your army, this military bonus is not something to be looked down upon. What I’m talking about is, the Mercenaries. More »

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