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If you missed your chance to grab a copy of the PlayStation 2 game, The Warriors…don’t worry, it’s heading to the PlayStation Network next week! More »

Rockstar’s Manhunt can now be downloaded on PSN for $9.99! The game lets players play the role of James Earl Cash who is forced to be on a reality show where you either kill or get killed. More »

An announcement has just been made by Ubisoft, regarding the HD Flashback remake for Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network. It was earlier on in the year when information of this was first leaked - and since then, it has caused a stir. More »

Well it was leaked earlier this month, but now it’s official…Sonic Adventure 2 will be making its way to Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network. More »

Capcom has announced that a compilation of two classic fighting games will be making its way to PSN and XBLA. More »

There have been a lot of teasers, but now it’s here the official trailer for Guardians of Middle-earth. The game is a fusion of The Lord of the Rings with multiplayer online battle arenas. More »

If you haven’t heard by now, Dungeon Twister is a game-board-like game that is coming to PSN this July 3rd for $10. More »

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light has made sure to continue its “tradition” of moving to various, unexpected platforms. This fall, the adventure will be making its way to Google’s Chrome browser.

More »

Retro Affect’s David Carrigg has just announced a Snapshot, which is a 2D puzzle platformer for PS3 (PSN) and PlayStation Vita, through the PlayStation Blog. More »

Starting February 7, Sony will be changing the PlayStation Network (PSN) name into “Sony Entertainment Network (SEN)”. PSN account holders will become SEN account holders. Sony ensures that nothing will change except the name. More »

It has been said that a playable demo of Final Fantasy XIII-2 is to be released on PSN soon. On January 10th 2012, the demo will be coming to PlayStation 3 in North America. Then a day afterwards, it will be released on Xbox 360. More »

With its recent announcement to its exclusivity to the Xbox Live Arcade, many are glad that the Sine Mora finally has a publisher, although disappointing the PSN crowd won’t be able to enjoy the game as originally planned. More »

On October 11th, “An Important Message from Sony’s Chief Information Security Officer” was posted on the official PlayStation Blogs… Somebody tried breaking into a number of PSN accounts…AGAIN!!! More »

Guillaume Boucher-Vidal seems to have a lot of opinions on the PSN. The Nine Dots Studio manager made a name for himself after saying that the PSN is a “complete failure” and that Team Meat are “crybabies.”. More »

Sideway: New York is upcoming game for the Play Station 3 from Playbrains. More »

Earlier this month, EA announced that Crysis will become a downloadable title for the Xbox and PS3! Now the release date has been revealed. More »

Everyone knew about the Sony hacks. Back in April, when Sony was hacked, the hackers managed to steal personal information on 75 million users. Services went down for a month as Sony tried to fix things. More »

You may have heard that Sony has already launched their PSN Play Program. For those who don’t know, PSN Play consists of Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition, The Baconing, BloodRayne: Betrayal, and Renegade Ops that will be released in consecutive weeks beginning August 23. For those who purchased all four by September 19 will be able to download for free the fifth game, Payday: The Heist. More »

MoterStorm Apocalypse has had a giant update, which has brought a lot of new features to the racing game. To get these updates all you need to do is go on the PSN. The new updates gives players weekly challenges as well as being able to customized a lot of the stuff on the game. More »

The PSN Play program kicks off August 23 and ends September 20, and five new titles are coming to PSN during that time. Here is the full lineup: More »

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