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There are many games out there that can deliver a cinematic experience. However, Tomb Raider can do it slightly better. The camera work for the new Tomb Raider is very thoughtful. Different angles, views, and varying depth perception combined with the music can create jaw dropping experiences and sometimes very emotional experiences. Check out these screen shots! More »

After my initial 2 hour experience of playing Tomb Raider, I scratched my head and wondered to myself “… so uh, where the tombs at?” Alas, my question was finally answered during my next meeting with Lara — Tomb Raider finally delivered with tombs galore! Each tomb has some sort of puzzle to it. Some puzzling, some not, but most importantly each tomb is dark, damp, and scary. More »

Square Enix had a difficult fiscal year, according to its fiscal year 2013 financial reports as they’ve posted a net 13.7 billion yen (134 million USD). More »

I recently got my hands on the new Tomb Raider. And after playing for roughly 2 hours, I have to say, it’s a completely different game from what I expected. Being a total newcomer to the Tomb Raider series, I initially thought Tomb Raider was about blasting up mummies around ancient pyramids while dual wielding pistols — hah I was so off. More »

Shipwrecked, a multiplayer map pack, is now available for Tomb Raider on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. According to the games official blog, the map pack contains two new maps: Lost Fleet and Himiko’s Cradle. More »

More information has been disclosed by Square Enix, regarding why the games Tomb Raider, Hitman Absolution and Sleeping Dogs all didn’t live up to previously high-billed expectations. Their sales performance has been seen as a disappointment by many. More »

Lara Croft has just returned in the newest Tomb Raider, and it looks like she’ll be getting a few new maps in the Caves and Cliffs Multiplayer Map Pack in 2 weeks, but only on Xbox Live! More »

In unison with the just-released Tomb Raider, a new trailer has been released by Square Enix. It has been given the title of the “Day One trailer”, which is to give users an insight into the game’s TV commercial with some constructive criticism. More »

New games are released every week, so every week we compile a list of these new games, just for you. There are 12 upcoming game releases this week so read on to find out more about the games: More »

The Tomb Raider reboot set to be released next year had revealed some pretty cool perks and the latest one is the new multiplayer feature. Crystal Dynamics global brand director Karl Stewart revealed this fact and GAME has also listed multiplayer as a major feature for the game (has been removed for now). More »

A new trailer for Tomb Raider has been released, emphasizing the fact that gravity will be one of the pivotal forces within the game’s future outings. Below is a video, in HD version to display the wonderful gameplay footage that it will provide. More »

Players on Steam are now able to purchase the original Tomb Raider games - after Square Enix released them earlier on. Since the initial outing of the game, only the recent installments of the franchise’s games have been available for downloading. More »

The Global Brand Directior for Crystal Dynamics, Karl Stewart, recently answered some interesting questions on the official Tomb Raider Twitter account and revealed quite a lot of spoilers for the upcoming gameplay. One of the more noticeable spoilers include the removal of aquatic explorations. More »

Prospective buyers of Tomb Raider will have yet more reason to pre-order the game, after a hearing great incentives from Crystal Dynamics. North American pre-orders from Amazon are to receive a special Tomb Raider: The Final Hours Edition. More »

A new trailer giving you insight into the game has been rolled out to the public, in the form of Tomb Raider’s PAX 2012 demo. It is in the events following the Endurance, which is Lara’s ship, crashing on an island off the Japanese coast. More »

Square Enix has finally set the release date for the next Tomb Raider and with it…a trailer that will leave you on the edge of your seat with excitement! More »

Bad news, Tomb Raider Fans…looks like you’ll have to wait until the first quarter of 2013 for the next Tomb Raider release. More »

2011 was year filled with awesome video game releases, such as Uncharted, Battlefield 3, Skyrim and so much more! But 2012 brings as more game as well, so don’t worry about losing good games next year! More »

No video game is complete without the player being attracted to at least one of the characters, even though they are just a made up person we still find ourselves attracted towards a few, i’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this! I’ve made a list of 10 game characters who I think are attractive, don’t worry guys there are girls on this list too! More »

In every successful game, there must be one essential lead character and one sexy female character. The supporting female character plays a significant role in either, heightening the protagonist’s skills or creating the downfall in which the protagonist slowly succumbs to. Whatever role the female may play, they are undeniably beautiful in their own way. More »

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