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With E3 right around the corner Sony’s Playstation Move will undoubtedly get a much firmer release date than Fall 2010. In anticipation for what Sony will show off during its Move-centric presentation here is our Top 5 Playstation Move Game Wish list! More »

Valve is bringing Steam to Mac OS X, that is a fact, but when exactly is anybody’s guess. Don’t get too excited though because chances are your machine won’t be able to run it. Below we have a complete breakdown of the system requirements needed to run Steam and its games. More »

As you might have heard, the official Mac OSX Steam beta invites have gone out to a handful of lucky gamers. Chances are that you are not one of the chosen few, but worry not, we have a secret loophole that will grant you instant access to the Steam beta. More »

A new version/s of the Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing promotional poster has something, more like someone, missing from the original. More »

Valve has announced that its freshest zombie hacking DLC pack, The Passing, is on its way next week. There is a ton of hype surrounding this release and for good reason, characters from the original Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 will finally cross paths in what is promised to be an explosive meeting complete with guts and glory, quite literally. More »

In the past I have come to hold a personal grudge against Gabe Newell, Vale founder and head honcho, mainly for 2 reasons: I own nothing but Mac computers and up until 4 months ago, I have never owned a Microsoft gaming console. From the looks of things I don’t have any reason left to hate on the old chub-ball for, he’s bringing Steam to OS X shortly and from the cover of PSM3 magazine it looks like Portal 2 is going to get an official PS3 release. More »

Beware, what you are about to watch is the cutest thing you will ever lay eyes on. Yeah, it even has that little girl dressed up as a Gundam beat! The Gifford Children’s Choir from Racine, WI sing the closing theme song to Valve’s hit first person shooter Portal. More »

So Valve’s fascinating Aperture Science ARG (Alternate Reality Game) draws to a stumbling close yesterday with an official press release over Steam and via Gameinformer of the impending release of Portal 2, a sequel to the critically acclaimed First-Person Puzzle game Portal. GameInformer promises a 12-page cover story with details on Portal 2’s new gameplay mechanics, storyline, and twists, while Steam promises a “holiday season” ship date and underlines a couple of letters just to feel spooky. Right? More »

While the gobs of hidden messages deposited into Portal recently were exciting, half of us were too thick to figure them out without visiting forums and paging through hundreds of speculations. Valve has made it a bit easier for us this time around. Gamers who finished the game after the updates took place were rewarded with an ending that extends the original by 15 seconds. And I’ll be damned if they didn’t use those fleeting moments to drop a massive bomb on players. Is the anticipation killing you? Go ahead, the video is below! More »

It appears that the OS X buttons found buried deep within the source code of the new Steam beta weren’t there by coincidence. The software download client, Steam, will in fact be coming to Apple’s OS X. The confirmation was made after Valve released images parodying different advertisements from Apple. If you need a good laugh, the images can be found below. More »

Last night Valve issued a patch for the Steam version of Portal. The update inserted radios into every level of the game. When those radios are brought to a specific location in that level they become tuned and broadcast a cryptic message. With GDC only a week away we can’t help but assume that these clues are hinting at an announcement of a sequel to the critically acclaimed Portal. Make the jump to read some of the deciphered clues. More »

With all of the great gaming news coming out of Wirebot it’s easy to overlook some of our bloggers best posts. Catch up on our most popular originals in this weekly recap. This week features a recap of Nintendo’s recent press conference, Heavy Rain impressions, a Final Fantasy iPhone gallery, and few news stories you won’t want to miss! More »

It seems that a new UI isn’t the only change associated with the new beta version of Steam. Resourceful users over at MacNN have dug up some pretty exciting graphics in the program’s system files, suggesting a Mac version of Steam is immanent. The images are of the close, minimize, and full screen buttons used throughout Apple’s OS. When exactly this monumental release will happen is anyones guess, but it will bode well for Mac users dying to be taken seriously as gamers. The evidence can be found after the jump. More »

Valve co-founder, Gabe Newell is known for his elitist remarks about developing for the difficult architecture of the PS3. His arrogant and often smug demeanor when talking about anything not branded with a Microsoft logo has left PS3 gamers loving Valve games, but hating the man behind them. Today is a new day though and with it brings the possibility of Valve developing their IPs for Sony’s black box. Looks like the upward sales trend the PS3 has been producing has caused even the most die hard Xbox fanboy to have a change of heart. More »

Just a quick word on everybody’s favorite co-operative zombie murder simulator Left 4 Dead 2, as Valve does what they do normally and updates their blog. Besides the upcoming “The Passing” DLC, looks like a major update is coming to both the PC and the poor, neglected XBox 360 versions of the game. More »

Steam, your friendly neighborhood digital downloads shop, has released its monthly hardware survey for December 2009. They believe, “The survey is incredibly helpful for us as game developers in that it ensures that we’re making good decisions about what kinds of technology investments to make.” A quick look at the charts reveals that the most common setup is a Dual CPU PC running Windows Vista/Windows 7 on a DirectX10 GPU with a Nvidia graphics card, Intel processor, and 2 GB of RAM. More »

I have a bias. I love zombies. Every take on them. Romero’s slow zombies of the 1970’s to the viral speedster’s of the 28 Days series. The undead hordes have hundreds of backstories, but until 2008 they didn’t have one important thing: variety. In Valve’s Left 4 Dead, we were thrown into a zombie-plagued landscape in the form of four survivors on a mission: get from Point A to Point B. Sure, it sounds easy in execution and honestly it is, but it’s Valve’s creativity that made Left 4 Dead such a cult phenom. You have your four survivors, piles of weapons and health packs and zombies… everywhere. Not just your garden variety grave-creepers with a brain craving, but some gnarly suckers. More »

An unconfirmed source has leaked video of Half Life 2 on the Xbox 360’s Project Natal. The video shows a player navigating through a room, changing camera angles, and even interacting with the environment a bit. It seems as the footage is still in its early beta stage, but that doesn’t get us any less excited. More »

Video game developing is a fickle mistress and there are many times that a development studio will put out a powerhouse hit and are then expected to follow it up with something even better and more miraculous. Unfortunately developers often ignore the simplest of problems with their first titles and fail to repair them when the second title is released. Let’s explore some of the kinks that developers need to work out as they work on cranking out titles in the upcoming year. More »

It’s Christmas! Which means one thing, lads and lasses; the greatest present distributor of our age isn’t some re-adopted pagan artifact of blood and sunrises, but rather Valve’s Digital download system, Steam. Which has - as usual - gone completely mad with its traditional Christmas sales. STALKER for $2? Tell ‘em they’re dreamin’! More »

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